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no postings yet… it’s not so much a sub-forum (except maybe this thread) as a group of members who can message each other in bulk. Maybe I sholud send a doodle round to kick things off.


Hi everyone, I’m in West Hampstead and have a 4 year old son who is with me 50% of the time (divorce is the way to go). If we do any meet-ups- I’m keen! There is a wine tasting place locally called Tannin and Oak as well…


I am not going to be of any use to you people unfortunately! I have run the U3A wine group in belsize park now for 9 years…you have (i think) to be over 50 and retired or semi retired to join -it stands for university of the 3rd age! We meet 9 times a year at their belsize park hq on haverstock hill; so if you are a certain age, get on the U3A website and join us!
Er- I should also add that it is very popular and there is a waiting list!
Good luck to you all for trying to start a group- I am happy to give basic help/advice if needed/wanted.
Martin Raybould. (grandfather to 4 and 2 more on the way! )


Does it count if I’m over 50 in my mind?!


Am I the only one here without kids??


PS - based in Archway :wink:


Thanks Laura,

I’ve signed up to the Group. We’re in Islington (Canonbury). Sounds like fun.



Thanks, Anna - I’ve just added you to the group!

If anyone else is interested in joining - you just need to click ‘Join’ against any group you’re interested in on the Groups Page.


Is there still that wine shop in Tufnell Park that does wine events?


Thank you!! Much appreciated


Indeed! Thearer of Wine is still there and they still do tasting events. A friend of mine leads some of the tastings and he’s rather good at it.


So should we try to organise something again? I’m sure someone set up a doddle thing but I can’t find it!

Sounds like we should aim for a venue close to a Northern Line station, or are people so local that a cab-ride is the way to travel?


I’m in - another one with two kids (anyone sensing a link between parenting and drinking?). Having just passed WSET3, keen to build knowledge and improve palate.


Maybe time for another Doodle? My 2019 is beginning to get under control and we’ve quite a large number of people here, so even if only a quarter of us could agree on a date, it would be worth doing.


Doodle is still up here:

Goes to end of march so might still be OK!


I just updated the Doodle (to delete nights I’m now tied up/away on).

What sort of event are we thinking? A dinner a bit like the one held on Monday? A self-organised tasting (if so, what venue?). Group visit to a merchant’s event or tasting?


I’ve had a crack at the doddle.

Would be up for a self organised tasting or a meal


Is it possible to delete columns from the past?!


So hopefully Rifka, Juan, Anna, James et al. will be along soon to say when children duties allow!


Yeah I’ll edit it in a bit

edit: edited!