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North London group

Plenty of Grenache here. Rhone, SW France, Spain or South Africa. Maybe the latter?

Soldaat from Sadie Family or Naudé’s Old Vines one - both good expressions IMHO.


I’ve liberated a Janasse Chaupin 01 from the back of the cupboard…


What’s the capacity of this venue/meetup?

The table in the back accommodates between 12 and 16, depending on how squeezed we want to be, but there’s a lot of space, so come over. The more the merrier.

Cool - but it can be a bit tricky sharing a bottle between 16! I was wondering about inviting a couple of friends…

Twelve is the ideal number. I think we are pretty close though, based on responses. Keep your friends on reserve and when it gets closer I can give you final numbers and we can make a call. Are they WS members too?

I agree. “The more the merrier” is only true to a degree. I don’t know if they are members! Does it matter? :wink:

It will do only if it keeps others in this group out, which I doubt it will be the case.