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North London group


If anyone is interested in a North london group post here! I’m in Tottenham. Also with a new baby so unreliable but keen for sporadic tastings!

EDIT: now set up as TG5 North London Tasting Group

To add yourself, just click ‘Join’ in the top right after clicking that link.


Hi Tom, I would be interested in sporadic wine tastings as I am in Enfield. Lived and worked in Tottenham for much of my younger life - only return when I go to the football (when the stadium eventually opens)
Please let me know if you have enough people to get something organised, Steven


Hi Tom & Steven. I’m in Queen’s Park, which is more Northwest London - and actually have a new baby too. I would definitely be up for a tasting every so often. Thomas


I’m in Stoke Newington. Have a 6 and a 3 year old, but I do manage to get out sometimes! Would be great to have some more excuses to open nice bottles.


I am in Chingford, a bit further east, and would be interested.


I am in Highbury / Islington and would certainly be interested.


I should have also said i have a new baby on the way in Feb and a 2 year old so may not be able to join very frequently but i did get approval from my wife to add my name to the list so i may remind her of that when necessary!


Hi all. I’m also Enfield (Arnos Grove) and would be up for it. 2 year old and work commitments mean I’m likely to be a bit unreliable as well, but count me in in principle.


Sounds like the embryonic North London group needs a creche! :grin:


Haha yes - seems the archetypal wine geek in North London is a middle aged guy who’s turned to wine as a way to have fun when you have to stay home most of the time :slight_smile:


Sounds like a reasonable summary to me…


Or some sort of contraception…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


True for South West London, too.


I’ve set you up a group and added all interested parties to it, and included it in the WIKI too! Feel free to message each other to set up your debut tasting! :smiley:


How does one join the group? I’m in Friern Barnet…


I guess @laura would have to add you, which seems weird, there should be a way for existing members to add new ones, or it becomes a little too reliant on admins.

Good news is that nothing has been discussed yet :grin: Hopefully now christmas etc is out the way we can start to think about an inaugural meeting.


There was another post somewhere about a dinner in London some time, but I’ve lost that too! My diary is filling up (largely thanks to the NPM Free Corkage deal) and can’t remember what I’ve committed to…


You might be thinking about the London BYOB dinner on the 4th of February…?

Here’s the thread:


Anyone can join - you just need to click the group name (which you can find in our list of Groups in the main menu at the top right of the screen or on the WIKI) and click ‘Join’ in the top right. Hope that helps! :smiley:


That’s great. I’m now joined, but how do I “view” the group’s postings? Or is that non-sensical? Maybe it’s just a group of members rather than being a quasi-forum in its own right?