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Non TWS wine storage


Evening all

Wondering if you can help. I have 4 cases of wine at home that’s now getting in the way but not ready to be drank. Can you store wine with TWS that has t been bought through them or is it just wine purchased from their site that can be stored ?


They won’t take non TWS wine into storage but other major merchants will


Thanks Jcbl. I might just auction them off as I can’t really be bothered keeping track of two different storage options plus my own collection at home.


Many of us have wine scattered around the place having hunted down bargains with multiple merchants. Cellartracker can help you keep an eye on what is where. Out of interest, what’s the wine?


I’m also looking for options for wine that I don’t have boxed in 6s or 12s. Struggling to find anything suitable other than a Big Yellow store in Fulham


Have you spoken to Lay & Wheeler? They seem pretty flexible if a bit slow to check stuff in.


I found it nearly impossible with mixed cases but there were some that might take unopened unmixed cases


I think F & R take single bottles but not sure of costs.


Wimbledon Wine Cellar do accept cases that you have stored at home if you open an account with them (don’t think there is obligation to buy). They use London City Bond. Provably worth asking your local independent, too. Big Yellow is very expensive for wine… I thought.


Please could I tag my own question to this thread? I don’t have a temperature controlled cellar, just an unheated pantry. It’s cool enough during winter. But, like the rest of the house, can be rather warm in summer. So if I keep my ‘hangover’ stock through the seasons will it noticeably affect the wine? Neil.


Most natural cellars have some degree of temperature change from winter to summer. So a little bit of gradual fluctuation with the seasons, and having it a couple of degrees warmer in summer than winter probably wouldn’t do much harm. But you want to avoid repeated/rapid temperature changes, storing it too warm for an extended period, and all the other things you might get in a normal room (sunlight, vibration, low humidity…).

Of course, if you’re storing for investment/resale, then you need to be able to show pristine conditions if you want to get the best price in future, which is partly why the professional storage companies are so widely used.

TWS has a bit of general storage guidance here:


Looking into this very thing, Jancis has a useful table here:



Lay and Wheeler are good for accepting duty paid cases, and they will accept mixed cases, although with an additional handling charge -


As others have mentioned, they can be a bit slow for the wines to show up on your account


These I have used and still have some cases with, always been good to deal with…



I would also wholeheartedly recommend Seckfords for storage.


Thanks for all the suggestions, going to follow up on them tomorrow. Need to create room for all the wine I want to buy!!!


Oh there’s never enough room… :grimacing:


Agreed but if it’s not in the house then my wife doesn’t need to know about it and can’t say I have too much!!! :innocent:


ARC Reserves will take mixed 6’s, which is very handy!
I’m also a very happy Seckford customer for most of it where it has gone in UB/IB in ‘full’ cases.


A quick follow up on this thread - looks as though Lay and Wheeler will now arrange collection of wines as well, which is certainly a massive plus, as many couriers can be a bit odd about accepting wine, and will often levy significant insurance charges if the case is of value: