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(non TWS) Wine Events...globally - WIKI

A WIKI for wine events globally - if you are travelling, or thinking of, see if there is an event near your destination. Please add by Country (in bold) and then location and approximate date before adding details…you get the idea

Dunkirk wine fair - October every year - You can get free tickets from various sources including leaflets in hotels…its only 7 euros anyway (2019) including free tasting glass. Wide selection of wines mixed with spirits, beers and food. Well worth the short hop over the water.

National - all year round- https://www.vigneron-independant.com/salons

Ambonnay, Champagne (facebook link) October every year - and this is a little favourite, when combined with a visit to the Champagne area - normally coincides with October half-term

Budapest wine festival - in September, set in the Buda Castle
Rosalia Festival - In May. A celebration of Rose and Sparkling Wine in the City Park (Varosliget) in Budapest

Love wine Guildford in Guildford, March 2020 -
Love Wine Birmingham in Birmingham - September 2020


Piece on global wine festivals in decanter

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