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(Non-TWS) Tasting in Bath this Thursday 25/10/2018


Hi everyone

Just wondering if any West Country posters are going to Great Western Wine’s annual portfolio tasting shindig in the city centre this coming Thursday…? :clinking_glasses:


If you’re going yourself - let us know what you tasted and what you liked! :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


I am indeed! I’m going with the only other two people I know who are remotely interested in wine.

I’ll try to report back, but it’s all quite informal and whilst I’ll be giving each wine its due consideration, I won’t be taking notes. Also, the event lasts three and a half hours and I won’t be spitting any of it out, if you know what I mean :wine_glass::clinking_glasses::wine_glass:

There is, however, a handy programme, which may help jog my fuzzy memory the next day, so I’ll do my best!


Ha ha! Enjoy! :rofl: :+1::+1:

No pressure, of course - but if anything stood out (enough for you to remember post ecstatic inebriation) will be lovely to hear… :wink:


Yes, it was the standard procedure for this particular event:

:face_with_monocle: --> :thinking: --> :yum: --> :crazy_face: --> :shallow_pan_of_food: --> :sleeping: --> :face_with_head_bandage: --> :fried_egg: + :bacon:

Except, of course, I left said handy programme in the restaurant later in the evening :flushed:


As our reporter in the field, I’m afraid you failed miserably… But hey!! Who cares? Sounds like you had an awesome evening, and that’s what matters! :+1::+1::+1::grin:

My other half’s mum used to reject the morning after’s fry-up. “Oooh! I can’t possibly” she would say “pass me the Amstel”…
Hope the hangover doesn’t hang around for too long! :wink:


Best use of Emojis EVER @Herbster :sweat_smile: