No top enclosure on bottles

I think the removal of the enclosure on the top of the bottles looks scruffy

If you’re talking about the foil (pewter I think classically?), then personally I don’t think it makes much of a difference. To be frank, it’s a pain to remove sometimes.

I am intrigued though - what has prompted this?

Eco warriors

Still don’t understand. It’s hardly eco warriorish to demand the top left off a bottle of wine, seems quite staid, surely any eco warrior worth their salt would just demand the wholesale discontinuation of the international wine import/export business?

(And if you want the really cynical answer, I’m sure the various Chateaux owners are perfectly happy to remove a cost and a process whilst somehow managing to blame someone completely unrelated to how they do business :sunglasses: )

Still, on balance, won’t really cause me any sleepless nights. From experience, it doesn’t stop anything practical like mould growing on tops of corks in a damp cellar.


I’m always quite pleased when I see bottles without capsules - as far as I understand they no longer serve any practical purpose, and they’re rarely aesthetically pleasing (to me at least). All they do is make it take 10s longer to open a bottle.

Also positive from an environmental perspective though that feels like a drop in the ocean when looking at what contributes to a wine’s carbon footprint.


what ever, it still looks scruffy

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I was looking at some wine I had stacked up and the ones w/o the enclosure looked scruffy

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They look even scruffier when the mice have taken a chunk out of the foil coverings :sunglasses:


Ha just pretend they are a result of your self discipline and iron will! Last night you started to open an ill advised further bottle but good sense (or your partner!) prevailed, so this morning you are full of righteousness imagining the hangover that couldve been

Never happened in Casa Brangwaun - no discipline and highly corroded will😂

(Agree they look scruffy tho!)


Every time I see a bottle without capsule I immediately think: premium.


Yes I have also noticed that they do tend to be higher end wines which are eschewing the capsule (some of the newer society’s own label wines bucking that trend a little now).

Anything But Wax.


I’m not keen on the clear plastic used by Villard either.

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I think I prefer more protection for the cork from fungus.

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I’m not sure the traditional foil capsule would do that, as it isn’t airtight. Indeed, it may actually improve conditions for fungus, by providing some shadow and moisture retention.

The wax caps are presumably airtight, but they are an absolute pain.


The rash and ingrown hairs really are a pain.


I can confirm from experience that - if anything - the foil makes the problem of mould worse, not better.

I’m sure that wine for sale in France, has some kind of sticker on the capsule. Would that adhere to a cork as well?

It’s the duty sticker isn’t it? I suppose you could just stick it to the bottle?

Imagine the kerfuffle of they had to be changed to suit some producers but not others!

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