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No longer on the list


I’ve just received the new list – normally a cause for celebration – only to find the Marc de Chateauneuf du Pape is no longer included. I’ve never seen it anywhere else and the bottle the Society carried is my favourite brandy, with its fruit and nut flavours and just the right amount of edge. Christmas might be ruined. :sob:


There is one

Have not tried it…


That’s the one - Christmas is saved!

It’s no longer on the printed list, making me worry it will no longer be available. I shall order today in case this is the last of the supply.

The problem with a hidden gem is that if it’s too hidden, it isn’t worth carrying! I wonder what beloved favourites other members are no longer able to purchase?


@danchaq, your beloved Marc de CndP is listed as a bin end with £3.5 off.


Good spot, thank you, straight to basket!
Shame this looks to be on its way out, but I could well be the only one purchasing it…


Make them an offer they can’t refuse!