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No Brainer Wines

Don’t get me wrong, but this lunch time I realised a feeling of relief , though that’s not really the right word, that I didn’t have to select a wine for tonight. We are having our usual penne pasta with aubergine and tomato sauce and with that we’ll have our no brainer Society Montepulciano.

On Friday’s we have fish and a bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc - again a no brainer.

Other days of the week I enjoy selecting from my stock on CT - what variety/bland will we have, then what wine and vintage? Should I take oldest, or latest I’ve bought so if we like it I can get more? Will a wine get better with age or should I drink it now? What’s the back up if it’s corked/oxidised/over the hill/don’t like…

So not having to think about what wine to have one or two nights a week is relaxing.

Perhaps this thought should be in the Guilty Wine Secrets, except why feel guilty about having a wine we both enjoy and is a perfect food match?

PS - I don’t think so…

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I often end up at a similar outcome by a different route. My method involves heading over to my ‘current wines’ rack, scouting through and thinking how tempting they all seem only to end up picking yet another bottle of some variety of chianti. Nothing wrong with drinking what you like to drink, I say.


I don’t really have any go to wines, although I do tend to choose Beaujolais Villages if I’m unsure what to have and prefer Argie Malbec with steak. Cliché, I know, and I’m sure it shows a lack of knowledge on my part, but I’m of the same opinion as you Peter, in that I have a style or region I like for certain dishes, but could never drink the same wine over and over.

I suppose that’s what sets our members apart from the general population. I know loads of people who always drink the same brand wine/beer/spirit for years without ever deviating from " what they like ".

Not for me thanks.


I don’t know about the rest of you but my weekend doesn’t really start until @peterm has posted Villa Maria to the appropriate drinking thread :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Back to the topic though. If I can’t think of something better I almost always default to an oaked Rioja. It pleases both the wife and I and goes with most of our cooking repertoire.

I maintain that Majestic’s Definition Rioja is hard to beat at the money. I bought four cases of the 2010 and still working through it.


The only wine we might consider a regular ‘no brainer’ is the Society’s Vin d’Alsace. Apart from that - variety is the spice of life for us :grinning:


I’d agree, the smell of a good oaked Rioja takes me straight back to the area, makes me remember the good times on a holiday going between bodegas! It’s definitely my go to wine if I need a reminder of a great time.

Agreed!!! And I guess my guilty secret is I haven’t tried a bottle yet


Cru Beaujolais - never, ever fails & good with just about any midweek supper… so tonight (pushing the boat out I must admit) St. Amour with pot roasted chicken + mustard & cream sauce. Good Beaujolais is always a delight…

Friday with fish? I have a dozen bottles of this 2013 Muscadet in reserves, absolutely love how it evolves with bottle age. Nothing too intellectual, a wine you can enjoy and relax with.

So there you have it. Simple wines, done extremely well.


For me it is a Californian Zinfandel.

I can crack one open with the Sunday roast, with a pasta dish or perhaps even with a BBQ.

I do particularly like examples from Chronic Cellars but have found a few decent examples at Majestic as well.

Perhaps these wines are not the most subtle and perhaps it’s an easier genre to get to grips with … but they have a special place in my heart


For me it is Domaine de la Combe Dieu Rasteau from Lidl. At a tenner per bottle, the quality is unsurpassed.


@matedw and @Winestwit - Thank you!

I am pleased to say that we should be good for Villa Maria for another 12 weeks after getting a message from another reader of the weekend drinking thread who PM’d me that Tesco had reduced the price from £9.50 to £7 and were offering another 25% off when 6 were bought.

Mrs M ordered a dozen at £5.25 which should be delivered tonight.


Buckfast - always left me with no brain!


I try to maintain a good stock of sub £12 wines to drink anytime, and I guess I drink more gamay in the summer and syrah in the winter, with riesling being my most consumed white variety.

My brother and sister in law drink the same supermarket Marlborough Sauvignon and Argentinian Malbec almost everyday regardless of what they eat - seems awfully boring to us!

The society range is generally very good for midweek drops. Big fan of the Ruppertsberger, the Cava and the Beaujolais Villages.


I always like to have a cheap Cote Du Rhone or a Village level Beaujolais and a smashable white in.

Most recently these have generally been Le Grappin Bagnums (a Cote du Rhone and a Macon Village, they also have a 100% Cinsault Rose). The wine is a level or two higher quality wise than I used to keep, but the being in a bag makes them more eco-friendly as means I don’t waste any/have to worry about opening a bottle and needing to finish it or not. These make up to bulk of my mid-week drinking. I am debating branching out into other higher quality bag/bag-in-box with for a bit of variation.

I also have the Muga Conde de Haro 2017 as a house fizz. I am debating giving its pink version a go next time I make a Decantalo/Vinissimus order.

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Behind every great man is a great woman.

Cleaning out my wine racks various I found this which I must have bought three years ago and have forgotten about completely. I have popped in the fridge and will drink in your honour with fish on Friday.


Well, @matedw I am honoured.

The Reserve range is several tiers above the lowly Private Bin range we have. Enjoy!

I think this one won some kind of award and I happened to see it in Majestic.