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No Assyrtiko - discuss

Colour is all subjective, anyway :slight_smile:

Puzzled by this. Why does that make it a fine wine?

Confusing description as it is presented as a white wine and described as a “Greek red” ?

copy writer and editing cock up? Probably had done about ten reds before it! I noticed it the other day when looking at the online list. It isn’t in the printed list so no scope for error there.

The only taster on CT (an experienced Greek taster, think I heard his name once but can’t remember) was disappointed in the wine, describing it as a “dumbed-down assyrtiko” where the winemaker had tried to tame the acidity. If that is true it’s a pity. Think I’ll probably wait for a future vintage or look elsewhere myself, at least until I hear anything to the contrary!

Agreed, but it is in one of the wines listed in the Fine Wine Trade Secrets list that came through my door the other day - online here:

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clearly the colour is a trade secret then…