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No Assyrtiko - discuss

Funny that the blurb states Santorini wines are overlooked. They seem to be shooting up in price as fast as anything in the wine world. It’s a small Island and yields are low.


Indeed! My local wine merchant said he won’t be stocking new Gaia Wild Ferment Assyrtio because he feared that the serious price increase would put people off…!


Tourist numbers are shooting up, putting pressure on land that is used for vineyards - land used for tourism rather than viticulture gives much greater financial returns. More tourism might also be increasing demand, as more people learn about the wine.

I am sure the wines are overlooked by many, but production levels are very low, so huge interest is not required to keep prices high. But I can quite understand how the prices may be too high for particular wine shops.


When I sold Gaia Estate wines for Oddbins nearly 20 years ago most of the interest came from people who had been there on holiday. I did push them heavily as in those days they were superb value. I guess there only needs to be a certain number of aficionados in order for Santorini to sell its production, now at fairly high prices.


The poor £/€ exchange rate compared to just 4 years ago cant be helping either.


Just had an email from L&W offering this

2017 Cuvée Monsignori, Argyros, Santorini

£108 / case 6 bottles in bond

£18 per bottle IB

Will work out at about £24 a bottle with VAT and duty. Anyone tried it?


No. Argyros are good though.

Personally I’d be a bit worried about the torrid 2017 vintage, even somewhere as regularly hot as Santorini. Apparently 56 consecutive days above 35 degrees, and 17 of them over 40.

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Tasting notes refer more than once to acidity and lift comparable to good Chablis which suggests that it has not become too flabby…

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Don’t waste your money, under £17 a bottle in Costco :wink::wink:! Your welcome :pray:


You mean this one ?! was recommended it yesterday by a friend who is on the MW tour to Greece that is taking place as I type

Will let you know what its like if we do drink it (as planned) over the weekend


hadn’t seen you post that ! :joy:

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Just seen further up the thread!

Costco appear to have the standard estate wine at about £17 a bottle. Didn’t see this cuvee on their website…I’m not a member currently. Nearest warehouse is in an area of Glasgow that I’d probably need to armour plate my car to visit…

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That’s the one. Any views would be appreciated…where is that where it’s priced at £18?

I’d definitely take a punt on it at the Costco price. No membership though, sadly

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if I say, don’t laugh…

Milton Keynes !

While since I’ve had the joy of visiting ‘the Kremlin’ as the Abbey Nat/Santander building was affectionately known by us…used to have to go there a few times a year.

Is that a Costco there? The wine isn’t listed on their website - which probably only covers online only stuff. I’m not a member, probably couldn’t justify paying for it, plus the cost of armour plating to visit the Springburn warehouse…

I used to buy the bulk of my wine at Oddbins back then and have fond memories of their Estate Agiorgitiko. Looking back, the 1999 vintage, which I drank in 2005, was £10. And a bargain too.


the Kremlin is getting a sister building in the near future…between the station and the current building.

not sure how their website works but this wine is fairly new into store so may not be on the website just yet…you can pay a small premium to buy off the website. (except for the security detail …) the costs to join Costco isn’t that great

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Yes that’s the one. I picked up a bottle but haven’t opened it yet.

As per my original post on this, the price at costco does seem to be about 25% cheaper than anywhere else.

And in this case 1/3 cheaper than the (excluding shipping) price at an Athens merchant I recently ordered a mixed case from! Mind you, they did have a better selection of Greek wine than Costco