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Niepoort dry white port (and tonic)


Hi all,

Not sure how many people have tried white port and tonic as opposed to Gin and tonic but thought I would grab a bottle of Niepoort dry port, its drier than previous white ports (which are usually quite fruity) but both myself and my wife enjoyed the dryer Niepoort style:

Its a much deeper colour than I was expecting but it does have a more complex flavour than other white ports I have had. We actually paired it with some lemonade rather than tonic to add a bit of sweetness back, will be trying a few different mixers - its actually good on its own as well.

Anyone else tried some or drink port and tonic? Its a nice alternative to Gin and tonic especially in the hotter weather.

Worth also noting that Niepoort ports currently have an Alice in wonderland theme to their bottles - this one has a white rabbit, there is also Ruby Dum and Tawny Dee as their other ports.


This is probably our favourite White Port, though we prefer to drink it neat. Adding tonic seems to gild the lilly - though I suppose you get a different level of freshness with tonic.

Having tried quite a few White Ports (my husband is a huge fan), we haven’t really found one to beat Niepoort’s complex and zingy example- perhaps only this Alves de Sousa, which is just beautiful.

I also bought my other half this 10 year old one from Vista Alegre for his birthday last year - which is another delicious example, all citrus, caramel and coffee! Worth looking for, if you like White Port.


I agree with drinking it neat, I did try some neat and its really good on its own, I think quite a few of the other white ports are fairly sweet and lean more towards ripe fruit. Coming from drinking dry sherry its a nice difference, its not as dry as a Fino but certainly much dryer than a ‘normal’ white port.


We really enjoyed it a few weeks back actually. A bit sweeter than a G&T already. What was it like with lemonade?


Seemed to work ok, think I will try it with some tonic tonight and report back though!


Love it - normally buy Taylors Chip Dry…and mix it with plain tonic (Waitrose seems to be the best of all (lots!) I’ve tried)


It’s a regular refreshing drink widely consumed in the Douro. It always seems (to me) to be better enjoyed there than here :grinning: