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NFL is back

NFL is back.


I’m going for Saints to win the SuperBowl, beating the Pats in the big one and my team the Dolphins to be the worst team in the NFL!

After yesterday (well, to be honest it’s not looked terribly promising for a few months - even before Tunsil and Stills got traded) I think it’s fair to say that the Dolphins can reasonably expect to finish with the worst record this season. I think Baltimore will be pretty good this year, but that was a monstrous beating yesterday. I sat through the Colts’ 1-15 season a few years back - it’s no fun, but it leads to better things in the future. We got Andrew Lu… (I can’t even say his name, the pain is still too real) the following season. There are a lot of high value picks coming up for the 'fins, so good times can’t be too far away.

I’m expecting a competitive season for the Colts this year - losing the main man is obviously a horrible blow, but it’s still a good team. Brissett showed yesterday that he’s a competent starter. We should have won yesterday against a good Chargers team, and would have done if Viniateri hadn’t missed 7 points worth of kicks. Such is life.

My predictions - division winners:

East - Pats
North - Ravens
South - Texans
West - Chiefs

East - Cowboys
North - Vikings
South - Saints
West - Rams

I think the best 4 teams will be the Chiefs, Pats, Saints and Eagles. I’d love to see a Chiefs/Saints superbowl, but I can’t see anyone apart from New England winning it. If Antonio Brown doesn’t implode and take the team down with him then they’ll just be too dynamic on offense, too smart on defence and better coached than everyone else. Again.

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I hope you’re right re the Fins, although they’ve been rebuilding since Dan Marino retired. It’s taking a long time.

I think your division winners are spot on.

Before the Week 1 results I’d have picked the Browns to win the AFC North but that defeat will have hurt bad. I expected so much more from them. They’ll need to bounce back quickly but their next 3 games are tough including a trip to the Ravens in Week 4.

Chiefs, Pats and Saints are by far the strongest 3 teams. If they stay healthy I cant see anyone in the NFC stopping the Saints reaching the Superbowl.

I think it’s a toss up between the Vikings, Rams, Packers, Cowboys and Eagles for the other spot in the NFC Championship game. There really isn’t much between them.

I’d be amazed if the AFC Championship game wasn’t between the Pats and Chiefs. As a Fins fan, I’d love to see the Chiefs win that but you just can’t bet against the axis of evil that is Brady and Belichick.

I’ve let my heart rule my head though when it comes to the Saints v Pats Superbowl and hope that Brees, Kamara and Thomas have big games and the Who Dat Nation triumph.

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Late night last night. No way I could turn off the TV during the Saints game. What a game that was.

The Texans look very strong. If they continue like that they could go deep into the post season but the Saints dug very deep and found a way to win it.

It’s games like that that make the NFL so great. Will be hard to find a better game all season.

6 games into the season and looks like your predictions for the AFC division titles is looking good.

NFC is a different matter though.

The East is up for grabs after the Cowboys have imploded, can they get back on track? The North is looking like the Packers are going to take some stopping. The Rams may even struggle to get into the playoffs never mind win the West where the 49ers look the real deal and I didn’t see that coming.

As it stands now I can see the AFC championship game being between the Pats and Texans (Chiefs defence is just not good enough so far) and the NFC being a fight between the 49ers and the Saints.

I’ll stick to my original prediction of a Pats v Saints showdown.

P.S. Antonio Brown did implode pretty quickly!!

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My son is looking forward to watching the games being played over here in London - both on the BBC so no sky subscription to bankrupt me !

A great way to extend the franchise to a global base…I use admit i’ve only ever really watched it the in the US - used to sit in the hotel bar with a supplier watching the Monday night games whilst he tried to explain it to me…I then showed him some rugby and he called it brutal !


I think Pats and Texans looked fairly obvious favourites at the start of the season, but the Chiefs have had a pretty terrible couple of weeks. I thought their defence would be better than that, but they’ve just been filleted by decent running attacks lately. The AFC North is still pretty up in the air - there are signs of life in Pittsburgh, and the Browns have had some fairly tough losses just lately. The Ravens are far from a complete team, so it wouldn’t surprise me if that division is still up for grabs late in the season.

The NFC seems to be much stronger as a whole this year. I’d pick the Packers, 49ers, Saints, and maybe even Seahawks and Vikings to beat any AFC team that isn’t the Patriots right now. The NFC West has been a big surprise - I really didn’t see the 49ers as a challenger this year, but they look really good. I agree, it looks like it’ll be tough for the Rams to make the playoffs - it looks as if teams have figured out their offense a bit, and with Gurley not dominant they’re nowhere near as good as they were last year.

The biggest surprise for me has been the Falcons. It’s actually quite sad seeing them fall apart. It’s just been a steady decline from the end of the 3rd period of that Super Bowl, and they’ll be rebuilding with a new coach next year. I really feel for Ryan and Julio, surrounded by such mediocrity.

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I hope for your son that they’re good games! The first one looks like it should be unbalanced and could end up being a bit of a pummeling for the Bengals, but the Rams have been a bit off colour lately so that might make things more interesting. The last game between the Texans and Jags should be really good though - the Texans are the better team, but the Jaguars play here every year and so have built up decent support, and actually have a quarterback this year. That should be a really tough game with some exciting players - Houston’s offence in particular should be great to watch.


The Texans look really good. On their day they could beat anyone and i think they’ll have too much for the Jags.

I went to the Raiders v Bears at Tottenham. What a fantastic game and the stadium was incredible. So much better than watching at Wembley. It really felt like I was watching a game in the USA whereas Wembley often feels more like an exhibition game atmosphere. That may also have been helped by the fact that it was two teams with huge support so there were more fans of the two teams in the stadium than normal for a London game.

I’m off next month to New Orleans to watch them play the Panthers.

I booked it the week before Brees got injured and thought it could have been a nightmare as I feared he could be out for the season and the game would be meaningless. As it turns out, he should be back for the game, Teddy B has won 4 massive games in his absence so they should still be in contention by the end of november and the Panthers have come alive with Cam being out so it may well be a huge divisional match up. Can’t wait!

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Well I was right in picking the Chiefs from the AFC (well, sort of) although to be fair that wasn’t exactly a long-odds selection. They’ve looked particularly good down the stretch and into the playoffs but are coming up against a seriously impressive Niners team. I think it’s a really touch game to pick this year, but I’m leaning towards San Francisco. They’ve looked so good impressive in the playoffs and in particular in obliterating the Packers barely passing the ball at all. I think they’ll be too much for the Chiefs’ run defence. If any team can attack the San Francisco defence it’s the Chiefs and Mahomes, but they might only need to stop them on a couple of drives to win this game.

How did you enjoy the game in Nola @MrNXM? And who’s your pick for the Super Bowl?

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Game in NOLA was fantastic. Went right down to the wire won on a Saints last second field goal, so can’t ask for much more.

Chiefs have been fantastic in playoffs, although they have been helped significantly by my Fins beating the Pats in the last game of the regular season. That completely changed the dynamic of the AFC.

Mahomes is just a joy to watch and the Chiefs defence has really improved. I’d love them to win it but the niners defence is so strong and that will be the key to the game. How does Mahomes find a way through their defence. If he works it out, I think the Chiefs will win it as they will then outscore the niners.

His performances to date suggest that he’s good enough to work out how to unpick the best defences (although I’m not sure he’s come up against a defence this good) so I’m going for a Chiefs win.

I hope they do as I have a lunch riding on it with a mate of mine. I picked the AFC to win the superbowl before the divisional championship games, he obviously picked the NFC. So if the niners win lunch and wine is on me!

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Wow, what a game.

Mahomes does his thing. Brilliant.

Oh, and I win lunch too!! Now where to go?!

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Absolutely fantastic game! I was so sure the niners were going to kill the game when they were up by 10 in the fourth, but Mahomes just proved again that he can never be written off. I feel for San Francisco and Shanahan a bit - for 75% of that game they were outstanding and fully deserved to be ahead. They’ll be back in the playoffs next year and look set to be one of the teams to beat in the NFC for a while. As for the Chiefs, I would not be surprised to see them win a couple more Super Bowls in the Mahomes era. He’s a bit special!


This season has felt like the start of a new era.

The axis of evil that is Belichick and Brady have lost their powers (probably), and other star QB’s like Brees, Big Ben, Aaron Rogers are close to the end of the road.

Mahomes , Lemar Jackson, Josh Allen, Jared Goff, Baker Mayfield are the future. Add to that the potential of Burrows and Tua coming up from the draft and it feels like a changing of the guard.

Agree that the Chiefs and 49ers look well placed to do well again.

I’m feeling more positive about the Dolphins than I have in a long time. With a really encouraging end to the season, a coach that looks like he’s the real deal, some good draft picks including, hopefully, a franchise quarterback, plus the end of the era of invincibility of the Patriots, I can see a light at the end of what has been a very long very dark tunnel.


Well it’s all been happening in the NFL over the last few days: Brady to Tampa, Houston Inexplicably trading Hopkins for David Johnson and 2nd rounder, Gurley being cut and going to Atlanta… I’m happy with the Colts picking up Buckner for their number 13 pick in the draft, but slightly less convinced by us adding Rivers at QB. We’ll have to see how that plays out.

However, I also thought I’d share that NFL Game Pass is currently FREE! So if you’re bored at home you can watch any number of games from the last decade. Nice move by the NFL.

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What happened with Gurley anyway? He was the main man and looked unstoppable at times. Then barely got a play in the super-bowl and nothing much this year. Fall out with the coach?

I think he wasn’t quite the same after that injury, and definitely wasn’t fully fit for that Super Bowl, but I’m pretty sure he subsequently fell out with coaching/management. The concerns about his knee seem to be real. He only got a one year deal from the Falcons, and you’d expect a young running back with the most TDs in the league over the last few years to get a much bigger deal than that.

And welcome to the small group of NFL enthusiasts on here, @Lewis! Who’s your team?

There was an NFL highlights show on channel 4 in the 1980s. So it’s the 49ers. Initially it was the uniforms but obviously having Jerry Rice helped. Favourite player was Roger Craig, he seemed to get through gaps that just weren’t there.
The show ended and I forgot all about NFL until…2018. Babysitting for a friend one night, nothing else on late so watched Nick Foles dominate the super bowl. That was a performance! Now I watch the BBC highlights show and bits of games on whatever channel The Red Zone is on.
Still don’t understand lots of the game but I’m learning. Not convinced by handsome Jimmy G. Here’s hoping we get a season this year.


Such a smart move by NFL, rewatch any games, share with your kids, get a whole new generation involved, keep you engaged through the off-season. Unlike Sky, who just keep taking your money…

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Sky have relented a bit actually - you can pause your subscription to Sky Sports until live sport returns, and you still keep all the channels in the meantime. No sign of BT Sport doing anything similar though.

I fully intend to get through all of these in the weeks/months to come…