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NFL is back


NFL is back.


I’m going for Saints to win the SuperBowl, beating the Pats in the big one and my team the Dolphins to be the worst team in the NFL!


After yesterday (well, to be honest it’s not looked terribly promising for a few months - even before Tunsil and Stills got traded) I think it’s fair to say that the Dolphins can reasonably expect to finish with the worst record this season. I think Baltimore will be pretty good this year, but that was a monstrous beating yesterday. I sat through the Colts’ 1-15 season a few years back - it’s no fun, but it leads to better things in the future. We got Andrew Lu… (I can’t even say his name, the pain is still too real) the following season. There are a lot of high value picks coming up for the 'fins, so good times can’t be too far away.

I’m expecting a competitive season for the Colts this year - losing the main man is obviously a horrible blow, but it’s still a good team. Brissett showed yesterday that he’s a competent starter. We should have won yesterday against a good Chargers team, and would have done if Viniateri hadn’t missed 7 points worth of kicks. Such is life.

My predictions - division winners:

East - Pats
North - Ravens
South - Texans
West - Chiefs

East - Cowboys
North - Vikings
South - Saints
West - Rams

I think the best 4 teams will be the Chiefs, Pats, Saints and Eagles. I’d love to see a Chiefs/Saints superbowl, but I can’t see anyone apart from New England winning it. If Antonio Brown doesn’t implode and take the team down with him then they’ll just be too dynamic on offense, too smart on defence and better coached than everyone else. Again.


I hope you’re right re the Fins, although they’ve been rebuilding since Dan Marino retired. It’s taking a long time.

I think your division winners are spot on.

Before the Week 1 results I’d have picked the Browns to win the AFC North but that defeat will have hurt bad. I expected so much more from them. They’ll need to bounce back quickly but their next 3 games are tough including a trip to the Ravens in Week 4.

Chiefs, Pats and Saints are by far the strongest 3 teams. If they stay healthy I cant see anyone in the NFC stopping the Saints reaching the Superbowl.

I think it’s a toss up between the Vikings, Rams, Packers, Cowboys and Eagles for the other spot in the NFC Championship game. There really isn’t much between them.

I’d be amazed if the AFC Championship game wasn’t between the Pats and Chiefs. As a Fins fan, I’d love to see the Chiefs win that but you just can’t bet against the axis of evil that is Brady and Belichick.

I’ve let my heart rule my head though when it comes to the Saints v Pats Superbowl and hope that Brees, Kamara and Thomas have big games and the Who Dat Nation triumph.


Late night last night. No way I could turn off the TV during the Saints game. What a game that was.

The Texans look very strong. If they continue like that they could go deep into the post season but the Saints dug very deep and found a way to win it.

It’s games like that that make the NFL so great. Will be hard to find a better game all season.