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News about the Mentor team - "hello and goodbye"


As most of you will know, there are a team of members here who do “extra duty” by helping with moderation, and also giving The Society some feedback on ideas and new content for the community.

The @Mentor team is made up of regular members, just like you, who have been here long enough to know how things work, how to fix certain issues, and where to get extra information if required so they can answer any questions - and we hope they are particularly helpful for new members who have just joined us.

The Mentors so far have been: @szaki1974, @Leah, @Inbar, @tom and me, plus the involvement of @catherine with an insight into member services, and @laura (of course). You can spot us and our “green blob”

Membership of the team is not fixed. The idea is that it stays a small team that is easy to contact, but brings in new voices and new ideas over time by inviting new volunteers on a regular basis.

We would love to give everyone (who fancies it, and has the time) a chance at some stage to be involved at some stage

Sadly, in order to avoid making this a huge team, it means that we also have to have members step down from the role as new ones join us. However, in order to keep some kind of continuity, we stagger this so we only change a few people at a time.

I am therefore pleased to say that @Herbster will be joining us for a few months, but that @szaki1974 will be stepping down - though I doubt we’ll have a chance to miss him since he will still be running the London BYO events as well as all his regular contributions.

I want to thank @szaki1974 publicly for all his help with getting this team (and the community) started and being instrumental to the creation of the special feel of this place.

There will be another couple of changes to the team before Christmas, I imagine, so keep an eye out.

Thanks again, and do let us know if you have any questions - by a PM either to one of us individually or to the group (by contacting @Mentor)


Thanks for the opportunity Rob.

Just wanted to clarify that I might have had a key role so far in organising the London BYO events, but I am by no means running them… :slight_smile:

Just wanted to add that you have to type Mentor without the @ in the addressee field if you want to send a message to the mentor group.

Over and out.