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New Zealand Whites - Herd Instinct.?


Picking up on @Leah NZ pinot blanc recommendation. I was pleased to see TWS add one NZ pinot Gris to its list.

But hey, of 26 whites listed, 14 are SB and 11 Chardonnay. It’s just like all the supermarkets. More variety from this dynamic wine country please.
ps Had a lovely Osteiner at Rippon, Lake Wanaka. Must be one of the rarest grapes on the planet.


Yeah, this was fabulous in the mixed case they did:


I had that Osteiner around Christmas while we were in Wanaka. Delicious stuff, and anywhere but in this Community would be a hard to beat ‘what’s the rarest grape you’ve tried’ gambit!


Excellent mixed case @tom, especially at bin end price if I remember correctly. Think I still have most of it to drink. Should provide some white wine variety this summer and must need drinking up.


Must be my rarest single variety


Sad to say that there is a similar imbalance in reds. 1 Merlot, 2 Cabernet-Merlot, 5 Syrah (all actually called NOT Shiraz) and 11 Pinot Noir…

This actually drew my attention to the following wine that is a Merlot, not sure if anyone can share experience.

I have done all I can to taste a Saint Laurent from Judge Rock in Central Otago save for actually going there… It seems I will have to go there to taste.

Weekend Drinking Thread [27 April 2018]

Finding an Austrian St Laurent (perhaps their most interesting red) is difficult enough.
As I’m currently in Innsbruck on hospital support duty, perhaps I’d better make an effort to bring one home.


I’m a fan of Hawkes Bay reds. Although I prefer the cabernet dominant Te Mata Awatea and CR’s Sophia, both sadly sold out at TWS. And 2013 and 2014 were stellar vintages. I’d guess the exhibition red is very similar to CR branded Te Kahu


What do people think about New Zealand Pinot Gris in general? My gold standard wines for this grape are from Alsace and the Alto Adige. I think they showcase the spectrum of flavours available from the grape better than anywhere else.

Conversely, anything labelled “Pinot Grigio” is unlikely to impress me (sorry if it’s your favourite!), verging as they do more towards the neutral, Mediterraney sort of thing.

I think the few NZ pinot gris to have passed my lips have been in the “pinot grigio” category. I would love to find some more distinctive ones but am disinclined to buy stuff I may not eventually care much for, at least in comparison with wines I know I am more likely to appreciate.

Does that make sense? If so, can anyone suggest something to put in my next order?


I feel the same! Am yet to come across a Pinot Gris not from Alsace or Alto Adige that comes close nose and palate-wise. Have even tried a couple Willamete Valley ones (Oregon), without much success - though this one was not bad at all:

The only caveat is that I have tasted some nice Grauburgunder whilst visiting friends in Germany, but never made a note of the producers/wine names…


Thanks Inbar - at least I am not alone!

Yes, Grauburgunder is a good shout. From the current list this one seems worth a try -

I’ll add to the next order and see how it goes.


Funnily enough, just managed to find some cursory notes I’ve taken nearly a year ago in Baden Baden! :grinning:
This was one of the Grauburgunder we had, and it was lovely:


Cheers @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis, have popped the Ruppertsberg onto my wish list.
Andrew Jefford listed 35 top PG in last month’s Decanter. If I remember Alsace dominated, but NZ had one in top tier, Greystone Sand Dollar (strange name) and Pegasus Bay also featured. I can recommend Neudorf. Used to be stocked by TWS


Yes indeed but you still see little of them, it is still a niche market here, all my decent Pinot Gris wines I have brought back from the Alsace myself.
And yes I have tried new world versions, most are a waste of time but still command a price, will they improve, probably, can’t be worse.


Mt Difficulty (Bannockburn) do a nice Pinot Gris. I hear Dry River (Martinborough) do one of the best, however I haven’t tried it so can’t comment. What I would say is that their other wines are pretty darn good so I’d love to try it. Very low production though

I love dry NZ Riesling and can certainly recommend Dry River for that. We have one from our visit last year and I’m in no hurry to rush opening it!

Apparently Framingham make and sell a lot of SB to fund their love of small production German varieties. I suppose this summaries the point in the original post. I’m keen to seek some of these examples out too


Don’t bother with Majestic’s Russian Jack PG. Looks to come from Martinborough area, but actually from Marlborough. Mediocre. The Ned PG, silver medal IWSC at Sainsbury’s may be better.
Probably very similar to TWS version as both Brent Maris wines.
I think you have to go to NZ to get their best ones. So I’d better explore European versions a little more.