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New years wine resolutions?


Having successfully jumped in at level 3 on the basis of experienced advice, I now advise do level 2 first. The methodology grounding will make level 3 much easier.


It will, It will :+1:


Caveat here. I spent 6 years at WSET. The last 5 years there I was responsible for everything to do with the qualifications (syllabus, question papers, marking) so I will give you a considered response. I would start at L2. You may know some of the stuff but you need to learn it in a properly structured way. Going straight in at L3 might work but you will need to play catch up on some aspects, particularly the tasting side which is very carefully structured going up the levels. The playing catch-up can also to an extent disrupt your class as many others will have already covered the material. Thus even though you might be able to pass L3 going straight in you will get far more from it if you’ve done L2. Please also note almost all providers will strongly recommend L2 before L3. Hope this helps


Good advice.
Certainly disrupted me, as I struggled to keep up in the first couple of weeks


Having moved jobs, and industries recently, I’m having a MASSIVE shock to the system. I am simply not used to the idea of not being able to think and talk about wine all day

Combined with the requirement for later nights working and need for fresh starts, I’ve actually drastically cut my personal wine consumption, so the idea will be to (finally) try to a bit of the better but less often trick I’ve promised myself for years.

In fact, the only resolution I’ve made is actually to make a dramatic change to our energy consumption at home, and since you can actually drink wine in the dark …


Not a resolution per se… but preferably no wine purchases, other than EP, in 2019.



I’m with @Herbster on this :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I already managed 10 days… in case you are concerned, I am unlikely to run out of wine in the next 3-4 years


Well, every journey starts with a small step…:footprints:


Read this:



He said “preferably” :joy:


Let’s just change that to… no new wine purchases for home delivery… :blush:


Revisit old favourites and meet new ones.