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New years wine resolutions?


Hi all,

I am not really one for new years resolutions as I think that if there is something you really want to focus on you shouldn’t wait for a certain date to start but I wanted to see if anyone had any wine related new years resolutions?


Not so much a resolution as a target, would like to get WSET2 done this year

More of a resolution is (gulp) - buy a bit less wine!!! Possibility of moving house in the next 18 months so space and money will both be quite useful to have!!


Buy only 2017 Chablis, South African white wines and Champagne. I’m not holding my breath on being able to keep this one…


Not really a resolution as such, but I fully intend to drink less but better. I know we’re only a week into the new year but I’m definitely achieving half of that so far. The fun half.


I don’t like to word ‘resolution’ either - sounds too much like UN talk to me - but am definitely planning to explore more Lebanese wines, and hopefully enrol on a WSET 3 (time, money, holidays permitting)… :smiley:


None for me. Been there, done it. No need for resolutions, though I recognise I shouldn’t be buying faster than we drink and no more till I make some spaces in storage to put them.

But it’s not my fault. TWS send such tempting offers every month, and Majestic have emails with an half price offer on one of our favourite wines…


I’m going to use this line of defence, next time the other half shows signs of despairing of me!


It’s funny how other halves roll their eyes, sigh and say ‘Not more wine’ when you bring a case into the house, yet expect meals to be accompanied by the perfect wine they love.


Indeed, they don’t see the causality connecting A to B! :smile:


Ps the bottle of Gusbourne Blanc de Blanc 2013 purchased yesterday doesn’t count - it’s almost champagne (and was a swap for an unwanted Christmas present). There will be lots more rationalisations like this :sunglasses:


I ‘resolve’ to carry on as before, the only difference is that I will not be buying anywhere near as much, sorry WS , as before, the wine lake must be drained and somebody has to do it.

As my wife says “when are you going to start drinking all those pets that you hoard in the cellar”, well I am giving it my best shot !


This is where I am getting to with my wines, I have bought a fair number in bond and the wife always asks when I do buy some wine when we can actually drink it - the good news is that some are coming into its drinking window now. I have a feeling mine is more like a wine puddle rather than a lake though!


Me too. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps…


I’m pretty confident you could jump in at level 3 :smiley:


Yep. Buy much less, drink less but better. I’ve tipped past the 300 bottle mark now so it’s very much about selective EP purchases and the odd rare or exceptional deal. Looking forward to the eto arriving as this makes drinking nice stuff over several days less of a headache. Tempted to get a Coravin also.


It crossed my mind but I wouldn’t like to bite off more than I could chew and regret not doing the ‘entry’ course


ETO is now scheduled for February deliveries, we shall see, an awful lot of disgruntled depositors asking for their money back after so many false dawns on delivery starts, no way should it have taken this long, we shall see.


@NickP If you can afford it from a time and funds perspective I’d second doing level 2 before jumping in at level 3. With the experience you have I’m sure the L2 content would be fine, but the beenfits of doing level 2 aren’t just the course content - I found the range of wines tasted, the social side of tasting in a group and the practice of the systematic approach the WSET use for tasting notes was good preparation for L3. The systematic tasting approach in particular ramps up between L2 and L3 and builds on earlier experience.


I studied unto Diploma Level and loved very minute of the courses.

Level 1 and 2 were paid for by an employer (non-wine) as I was being made redundant and there was a re-training budget - Level 1 was a walk in the park. Level 2, whilst relatively “easy” did unearth some info that as a consumer only I wasn’t aware of and as @Alchemist has mentioned - the range of wines and tasting practice is invaluable.

The other benefit of the courses - especially as you go higher in the levels is the network of wine trade professionals you will make. Tonight I will meet with one of the people from my L3/L4 courses at the BBR Burgundy tasting…now an MW and besides being a great person is very handy to know for a wine buff!


I’d second that, having done L2 in October. Although I found none of the content particularly new (bar, perhaps, the spirits section)- it was the structure it put into place that was useful, and felt like it was cementing my existing knowledge and expanding on it. I hope this will make L3 a bit less intimidating as a result!