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New Year's Resolutions for 2018


ASIDE: I wonder what percentage of the world’s annual sparkling wine production is opened on this one day?

The clock is counting down to that moment of effervescence and bonhomie as we celebrate the culmination (or, if you prefer, the end) of a rather … unusual … year.

As is tradition, I am sure that many of us will have dreams for what we will achieve in 2018. Have you defined yours yet?

While we (mainly) focus on the Joy of Wine in this place, experiencing that is inextricably linked to our health, our friends and family, and also our finances.

What plans or dreams do you have for 2018? Please share and maybe also inspire us.


I am not one for resolutions normally, but I realise that it is time I should start taking my retirement planning seriously …

… so, this year I start putting aside some money and taking decisions about what to put in my Member’s Reserves (which I have not even started yet :scream:) to be drinking in the future!


stop (or rather slow down) accumulating and start (or rather carry on) consuming wine…


Actually tempted to create a Gantt chart of my current wines to check where there might be gaps between now and the future, think I am good until about 2040 at the moment :smiley:


I’m kind of intending to do the opposite in 2018! I definitely want to reduce my consumption this year, and I’d like to add some interesting bits to the cellar. It’s almost all Bordeaux in there at the moment, and I’m looking to pick up more Italian and Spanish wines to lay down.

Reducing the drinking should be fairly easy to achieve. Our second daughter is due in April and I can’t imagine I’ll be popping too many corks for a while after that!


I’m going into the new year with a general attitude of doing less but making it count more. In terms of eating and drinking this means more thoughtful planning, more mindful eating, and fewer days consuming alcohol.

Specifically concerning wine, when I do drink fine wine, especially from my cellar, I intend to write notes (say nothing of the road to hell), which should help me appreciate it more as well as record my experience for future drinking and buying reference.

To that aim, I have finally signed up for CellarTracker. If and when I upload my modest collection, and with a bit of courage, I might share it with those of you who’ve also shared.

Bonne année. Salut!


My plan is to consume moderately and build up rather than deplete my stocks. I have of course to take into account my partner Katie’s tastes; this means lots of dry mineral whites, fresh fruity reds and sherry!
The less I drink the more money I have to spend on the really good stuff!