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New Years Eve 2021

Just the two of us tonight but we’ll be making inroads into these

Not sure how the Syrah has managed to stay unopened two years past its alleged drinking window. I’m quietly confident we’ll enjoy it.


Well, you’ve only got yourself to blame…! :wink: :+1:


Bottle of TWS NV in the fridge chilling for nibbles. Then it’s D’Aiguilhe in the decanter for steak pie later this evening. Maybe a dram of 1991 Speyside for the bells.

Good riddance to 2021!


Love the D’Aiguilhe. I have several vintages and rate it as one of the best vfm Bordeaux you can buy. Great vintage too. Enjoy.


Something to do with two night dresses ? I’m intrigued !

Is it not robe/enrobe as a translation? :smiley:

Lining the moulds fastidiously with butter/sugar several times. The souffle sticking to the sides is the most likely source of a non-rising one.

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OK - done that: Butter (plenty of) then a generous coating of fine parmesan.

And repeat :smiley:

I also opened an ‘06 Rocoules today, it’s a wine I’ve had mixed experiences with in the past but today’s bottle is amazing, such an intense wine!


Late start to NY here & just the 2 of us for the first time in a few years. Sproglet currently being put to bed after an exhausting afternoon of daddy in charge. Started by taking her for a run which only seemed to energise her for the next 5 hrs :grimacing:

Anyway, on to more grown up concerns… surf’n’turf evening with a vaguely Spanish theme for us tonight, with these:

Can’t go wrong with the Alegria.

Mrs H has already been at the champagne, a lovely, rich reserve bottle from a case my parents brought home for us in 2020. 5 of 6 and I really need to get them back over there for more, as it’s superb.

1kg of Galician milk-cow will hit the BBQ c. 8.30 to go with my last bottle of Pedrosa. Probably the pick of a short Wine Without Fuss subscription from back in 2014. These have mellowed considerably in the last few years - the first took 4hrs+ to evolve from tannin & acid into something drinkable, the last was good to go after <1hr.

Can’t say I’ll miss 2021, marginally better than '20 for me, but that was a very low bar. Happy new year all, onwards and upwards in '22!


Smells great in the decanter. Looking forward to it. Last D’Aiguilhe I had was 2003

You are, of course, completely correct :rofl:

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We’ll be starting tonight with

Before moving onto

And finally a gem to go with sausage & mash with onion gravy!

All the best for the New Year all :clinking_glasses:


Should do the job this evening. Hopefully squash not required :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also gave a few vintages of this and would be interested to hear how it goes with the steak pie.

We’ve headed further west for our bolt hole. No clues where. :wink:

Remains of yesterday’s wine before opening the fizz.



Happy New Year to all


Not sure whether to post on this thread or in the Christmas and New Year drinking thread 2021. Most people seem to have swapped to over here…

Back to just the two of us at home, and not so much cooking tonight, as assembly of a fruits de mer, with which we drank Rémy Gresser Riesling Grand Cru Kastelberg 2013.

Just a perfect wine for the food - dry, taut, vertical, citrus, saline and long, with mineral and fruit working together really well. It’s got the structure to pull off its intensity of acidity - there’s maybe a touch of sugar there, but nothing to make it seem anything other than bone dry. Which is what makes it so good to drink with seafood :yum:

I hope that everyone has a good New Year’s Eve, and a more importantly a good 2022. Happy New Year!


Happy New Year all - we won’t miss 2021 that much.

2012 BdB is new to me - very different to other Pol Roger’s. Fine, light, lovely aperitif. My wife and I met in 2012, which means that the next year is going to involve some good champagne.

2014 C-H in a lovely place right now, open two hours then decanted for the last. Worked brilliantly with a tomahawk steak. We got married in 2014, which meant I got points for serving a wine from 12 and 14…

First use of the (Santa-provided) Gabriel Glas. Ooooh, they’re nice.

As @Inbar said, thank you all for being a wonderful and entertaining community through an odd two years.


No cooking for me tonight. It will be the 2 of us plus the 2 boys hopefully sleeping through the night.
I hope 2022 brings health and happiness to all of us!