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New Years Eve 2021

Table ready for white wines course. Wines selected, I think we’re ready for NYE

How about you?

Final line-up added. Bring it on!!!


Have decided that Dry January need not start until Monday 3rd. Which allows time for a bottle of TWS exhibition Hermitage 2012 to be enjoyed over a couple of days :smiley:


Good to go here too. I’ve been kindly invited over by friends tonight. They’ll be providing a Far Eastern themed buffet so I’ll be providing the wine…

…and, in way of explanation, an increasingly lowbrow impersonation of Olly Smith as the evening wears on :grimacing:


Have come over to the Isle of Wight with friends for a few days. Looking forward to getting stuck into a few of these over decent food, conversation and some games…


I will be giving myself a huge treat tonight. I was sufficiently impressed by this white at my recent dinner with the SW London group that I splashed out and bought a bottle for myself (way outside my budget really but you’ve got to go for it occasionally!) which I shall be sharing with a friend tonight:

I am seriously looking froward to this one!

We’ll also be continuing the La Garricq that I opened last night and is a lovely mature Moulis:

Will probably be having the Hermitage with some fish and the Moulis with some cheese.


@Embee Mark. That Bruno Sorg Muscat was a revelation to me. The PG PN is also very good. Your friends are very lucky.


Wine list for tonight just added to first post
with salmon/prawns, individual chicken/leek pies with pepper pastry
roasted vegetables/baby spuds, cheese, fruit, triple chocolate mousse,

If there’s any room left Dow '83


On our way to see friends for NYE and managed a quick stop here for supplies…


Oh dear!!! Looks like a very expensive stopover


Still on an anniversary wine I see. Looks like a delicious line-up


Just us for NYE, hiding in a cottage in Devon. Mrs A had a dirty urge for Buck’s Fizz so I’ve tried to compensate with some Pol.


Thanks Tom, that’s great to hear as the PN is new to me. The Muscat I’ve tried before but not this vintage. I think it’ll be a good choice to open proceedings though. :+1:

Yes James, bought for me by one of my guests tonight. I try to keep these gifts for when I can taste them with the giver!


I don’t know what I’ll be drinking tonight as we have been invited to dinner with friends but I suspect it will be wines from the Rhone or the Midi given their tastes. I’m taking them a bottle of La Petite Chapelle 2015 to enjoy later. Happy New Year everyone!

PS It was a very decent Cahors! And it was 2013, not a 2015 (typo).


In a gite ce soir so no

posh place settings etc etc but a good white Burgundy and roasted turbot will suffice. Bonne fêtes and let’s hope 2022 is a much much better than it’s predecessor.


Final wine of 2021 and probably the last bottle for a while (dry Jan/baby due in 3 weeks). Drinking on my own again, it’s just not as fun. But if one must, one must…

A wine that offers great quality-price ratio in my opinion. Lovey straight from the off.

Happy new year all, I hope you enjoy your evenings. I’ll be asleep long before the party starts


Change of plans due to case of plague at friends house.

So tonight it’s just the Lady Lapin & myself. Very simple menu - just one course, plus leftover baba-rhum from crimbo

Main event will be smoked salmon & smoked cheddar soufflé + green salad on the side. Never made a soufflé before, it’s all in the preparation right?

WITH: TWS Brut champagne (the recent iteration based on 2015 vintage) and as ever superb, rich, very more-ish. Also Sylvain Pataille, Bourgogne Clos du Chapitre 2017 bought E.P. which is now in a good place, interesting (slight) Italian type bitter notes which I really like & will go well with the cheddar.

All sounds deceptively simple. That is the plan in anyway - as a designer I am a great believer in: Keep It Simple Stupid.

Happy new year all.


Happy to wave 2021 goodbye, in the hope that 2022 is less chaotic, less stressful at work and is the year where we start talking about this tedious pandemic in the past tense :pray: Perhaps a little unrealistic of me, but there you go! :slightly_smiling_face:

Celebrating this evening with a home-made chicken and port pâté, accompanied by this smashing MCC from The Liberator called ‘Come Quickly I’m Drinking the Stars’:

TWS is currently selling the 2016, but I bought this 2015 from a local merchant. Delicious and ticks every fizz box for us, it has notes of lemon puff biscuits, brioche, zesty citrus and even a hint of jasmine on the nose, and on the palate, it is a creamy, rounded number - yet alive with notes of baked apple, lemon, white currants, pastry and crème fraiche. The mousse is lively and the finish long and tangy. Wonderful stuff… :ok_hand:

For main, I’m making a Mallorcan lobster stew, and to drink - a 2018 Swiss Petite Arvine from Jean-René Germanier:

What to say – a treat of a wine, based on first glass! :heart:

Medium gold in the glass, the nose is wonderful – a rather heady mix of marzipan, honey, ripe orchard fruit and tangerines. On the palate this is a creamy, rounded and generous number (14.5%!!), which nevertheless remains zingy and fresh with notes of honey, orchard fruit and oranges and a floral note of honeysuckle. The finish has something a touch herbal to it, which leaves a lovely aftertaste. Fantastic stuff, and I can’t wait to enjoy it with the food.

Will no doubt finish the Ulysse Cazabonne Sauternes this evening, with some Panatone bread and butter pudding which we ended up making today rather than on Christmas Day.

Wishing everyone a happy 2022, and thanks for being such a fab community! :star_struck: :clinking_glasses: :champagne:


Just had an Old Fashioned. Now waiting for 2 guests. No idea if boys will behave. Hope to finish dinner this year :pray:

Roederer Quartet is in the fridge.
This is in the slow cooker

Reds at the ready and decanted


Double chemisage is the key :smiley: