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New Year Milestone - 21st century members


I read this elsewhere, so I cannot claim any ownership of the insight, but …

Did you realise that New Year’s Eve is the last day we can state with any certainty that every single active member of The Society was born in the 20th century?

In fact in that one moment, every single adult alive will have been born in the 20th century, and every single child will be born in the 21st century. It rather blows your mind!

I wonder who will be the very first “21st century” member signed up?! We must seek that person out!


Brilliant! …and then also, who will be the oldest millennial member maybe?
ie (Just to catch up with myself after all that Christmas cheer), is it the member who was born nearest to 00.00hrs on 1st January 2000?


At the risk of being held as a pedant, the 21st century started on 1st January 2001 so we actually have another year to wait…!