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New world - Shiraz


While I appreciate Shiraz divides opinion somewhat, we are firm fans. What’s better than a nice bold New World Shiraz eh? Well, one with a little bottle age of course!

We’re such fans that I noticed the cellar is down to its last few bottles. Aside from a few special ones and a few laying down for a bit longer, we’re a little thin in the ground :frowning:

So here’s my question. Which 2 would you invest in a case of; one for over the next couple of years and one to start on in a few years time? Source can be TWS (or elsewhere), budget is up to £25 / bottle as I want these to be “special regulars” if that makes sense? Of course cheaper is good too :slight_smile:

I have some thoughts of my own but keen to see what others recommend


Two wines come to mind, one within your budget and one sadly no longer fits that bill. Kalimna Bin 28 and RSW Wirra Wirra, both available at TWS. We used to buy both back in the late 80s and 90s. The Kalimna was well under a tenner and the RSW right on £10. How times and prices have changed! Both are a cracking Shiraz style :wine_glass::crazy_face:


Phewee thems are some price hikes! Thanks, Bin 28 on the shortlist. RSW on the dream list…!


Anyone tried this one? Already has a few years on it which is appealing as it accelerates my potential to get involved


This is Shiraz/Grenache - showing really well now, though rather young (nearly three years old), but even our usually conservative drinking window stretches to 2030!

As @Bargainbob said, from his press tasting notes:
_“Now we’re talking! Full and generously spiced with a subtle sweetness on the finish. This is a bit of a belter. It would be great with chunks of peppery beef. No messing about here, big full-flavoured and rich. Loved it.”


This one might be good fun for your over-the-next-couple-of-years category:


I had the 2012 a few years back. A cooler(ish) climate style compared to South Australia - so might not be quite what you’re looking for - but it’s not trying to be a Rhône-a-like either, just doing its own friendly, dark-fruited, baking-spice thing, with a small percentage of tempranillo to give it a slightly left-field twist.

I see it’s gone up from £12 to £14 in the last four years, but the six- and 12-bottle discounts bring it back down some.


Thanks @Ewan - that’s certainly featured on my list. Having had the '14 and '15 I know what a treat it is and its certainly well priced compared to the £20ish I paid for previous bottles. Current thinking is that the Wallace and some Jaraman Shiraz (Wakefield / Taylors) from Majestic (next time I get a voucher) could fill the short to mid term with something else for the longer term. Perhaps the Bin 28 suggested by @JayKay or looking at the Lehmann 8 Songs '12 as it already has some bottle age

Interesting suggestion @Herbster, thanks. I’ll look into that a bit more!


I would second @Ewan 's suggestion of the Wallace, I have a couple tucked away for over the Christmas and literally cant wait to get stuck in .:slightly_smiling_face:


I see that all the suggestions seem to be Australian. Don’t forget South Africa!
eg. 2016 Craven Firs Vineyard Syrah (£21 IB from BBR, so maybe a little over-budget) - I’m sure TWS also do some…


Just had a look at my most recent purchases of Aussie Shiraz and it has highlighted how little I buy these days. Trying to expand my horizons I suppose while working my way through some of my older stuff.
My most recent multibuy was this (on 25% off of course!) 2015 vintage

Just a word on the Bin 28 as mentioned by @JayKay - my opinion only - it used to be great liquid at a great price. Not so the case these days. Poor value for money as it has been so diluted by labels above and below that it is a little bit forgotten and is trading off the Penfolds name.
RSW on the other hand - amazing wine well worth the price of admission.
Think the 8 songs looks good too. 2012 is a very good vintage and PL is a fine Shiraz producing company.

Just my 2 cents worth.


“Two-hands” make some single-parcel bottlings that are seriously good.


I haven’t drunk Bin 28 for a while as I was appalled at the price hike. But I mentioned it as I saw TWS stock it and we used to enjoy it. Clonakilla - um, well, I was so underwhelmed by the very cool and snooty ‘welcome’ we received last time we visited in 2015, along with the very tannic micro sample we endured that I am now biased against it! A mature example is no doubt a fine wine as we have experienced in the past, but I have my limits and Clonakilla overstepped the mark!


The best source I have come across for aged New World - especially Australian - Shiraz and CS is a place called the Vinorium in Maidstone. They have a rapidly depleting back catalogue of the main producers for vintages from early 2000s. These are often at very reasonable prices considering the bottle age. They are running out of a lot these wines now although the comparison of older and younger vintages shows well how these full bodied wines from good producers can mature. I am a fan of Glaetzer (I see Wallace mentioned earlier). You can pick up a 2005 Bishop Shiraz for £25 a bottle…:wine_glass::wine_glass:


Ah yes I know the place, I live just up the road! Never been in though, rarely venture past off the motorway so haven’t seen it open but I’ll take a look!


They have a good website if living room browsing is preferred…and their delivery service is efficient and packaging robust (although can never match the WS!)


Good to know. I note that prices don’t include VAT but they do have a very good range


Akitu? Nothing to do with the (excellent) NZ winery, I presume?


Indeed! Love their wines and passion for just making great Pinot Noir and nothing else…a proper bottle for a special occasion…


Does anyone stock their wines in the UK?


There are three UK stockists I am aware of - Goedhuis & Co, who focus usually on Burgundy Pinot but stock it; the New Zealand Cellar and The Vinorium. The New Zealand Cellar may have it on taste at their popular ‘garage sale’ event next month in Brixton (if that is local)…