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New world giants - new offer [23 Dec 2017]


I just saw this offer come up on the TWS website:

Quite tempted by the Wirra Wirra mixed cases, not sure if Cabernet Sauvignon or Shiraz. Also some intriguing numbers from South Africa and Argentina… I know it is not yet Christmas, but one needs to look forward. Anyone else browsing this offer?

Year End Bin Ends

Thanks for highlighting this - I wasn’t aware of it…


I ended up ordering a bottle of each of these, looks like an interesting comparison.

Semillon grape

I would not consider this case as I don’t buy new world. I prefer the taste of old world wines and the new world is very bad for food miles.
For me, the Society’s offers have far too many new world wines in, often over half of those on offer.


Saw this but no way am I spending around £35 on a bottle of wine. I wouldn’t appreciate it enough.


Not sure if it helps, but @szaki1974 linked to the PDF but the page is here:

Quite tempted to compare some of the New World Pinots …


Just taken delivery of the Wirra Wirra half case. I have been in love with RSW since I first tasted it about twenty years ago. The theme of the tasting ( revealed at the end) was that all the wines cost the same - £10! The RSW was the pick of the wines, easily beating offerings from Margaux and other places long forgotten. Shame it costs a bit more now :astonished: but every now and then I treat myself when it is available. I just couldn’t resist when I spotted it. Now I can drink the 2001 bottle already waiting patiently. :yum:


My order just in. Funny how the old bottle looks younger.