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New wines

Although the Xmas FWL hasn’t been published yet there are a number of new wines and mixed cases on the website that give a hint as to what’s possibly in it. Top of the list, for me, was this…

Although out of my league, there are a number of wines from Cullen too including multiple vintages of ‘Kevin John’ Chardonnay and ‘Diane Madeline’ Cabernet Merlot.

There’s also a whole raft of new Spanish wines. Far too many to mention individually but there’s something there for everyone and many are under £20.

A cursory look at Burgundy and the Rhone also revealed some goodies too but my budget is about to get blown on Spain and Germany so wont be indulging.

Anyway, if you have an area of particular interest it’s probably worth a quick check to see if there’s anything you fancy in it.


There are only 7 of these A White Burgundy Trio left and they’ve only just come onto the website.


Good spot, although I’ve put in my order I’m a tad concerned that more temptation is still to be listed ! :grimacing:


Me too!


Oooh, lots of niceties! Also, i’m assuming they will fix the “Donnhoff” spelling before Monday :smile:

I saw these on Thursday evening and popped one in my basket, best check it out then :see_no_evil: