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NEW Weekend drinking 9th -12th July

Yeah, Perry can get you like that… :wink:


Very classy and very well made Bordeaux rosé


Enjoying a bit of Cretan pink with the footie.

It’s the Kedros Liatiko Rose currently available through TWS. A drier style - Mrs A enjoyed it but prefers something with more strawberries. I don’t: this is right up my alley.

Come on England!!


None, nil, zilch…

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Tonight with roast lamb and home grown veg it was this


A gentle wine, definitely very ready now. Mature brick red on decanting, opened up very quickly, lovely spice, restrained fruit (plums to the fore for me), minerality, not too alcoholic, tannins just in balance, great food wine.

I am one of the few people not watching football I think…


Not the only one.


Last night, a reliable bottle of this:

Might not be as good as the excellent 2019. Additional purchases required to test this hypothesis - but still a great wine which delivers joy and simplicity.

Tonight a rare deviation from TWS list.

Exploring this producer more after enjoying their Aligote in Cornwall on holiday. This is lovely - delightful nose, mushrooms and forest floor. A little astringent, but that works with the duck really well. On this taste alone I’m mentally diverting some of January’s EP spend to this producer via Howard Ripley.


Three’s company :wink:

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Last vintage I had of this was the 2015 and this is just as good. Real wow-factor fragrance that you don’t normally get in sub-£20 pinot, along with a happy hit of acidity and a lingering finish. Aces.


Great to see some Perry on here :~}

As a Gloucestershire boy by birth, ciders & perries are regulars for me. In fact we used Perry [“Loiterpin Perry”] as the fizz at our wedding back in 2012. Many folk were surprised by it. In a good way I stress. Well; most of them.

One of my brothers-in-law, a Forester, home-brews ciders & perries every year from his own trees. Some of those have definitely surprised a few folk over the years. Usually not in a good way!


And four’s starting to get crowded! :rofl:


There’s a guy in my local micropub who is PASSIONATE about cider and perry, I spent one afternoon listening to him and it sparked my interest, given the similarities to wine.

I found the above bottle on this slightly ramshackle website which I find all the more endearing

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Some fine premier crus there, I see :~}

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Spooky coincidence saw a bottle of Stonewell opened here last night. We had the 2007 and it was a cracker.

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Due to experimentation in my mid teens, some 45 years later, I still can’t stomach the smell or taste of cider or Perry*. The same applies to any beer darker than lager. As for Creme de Menthe I’ve had an aversion to the smell or taste of mint in anything ever since ( even toothpaste ) !

However, the aroma and flavour of apples and pears in wine are another matter entirely :yum:

*really classy stuff like Strongbow, Woodpecker, Olde English and Babycham :crazy_face:


Billy Connolly told a story of a Glaswegian who found himself at a social function with the Pope.

On being asked what he’d like to drink, he replied “I’ll have what the Pope’s drinking.”

“His Holiness usually drinks creme de menthe.”

“Right then, a pint of creme de menthe please.”


This was purchased at the Simply supermarket in Haro where everything is cheaper than the Bodegas!
The winery rarely gets any plaudits and it was just one of a couple of dozen picked there, a GR and a very good vintage made it seemingly a good choice plus the price.

I didn’t decant this and it was straight from the bottle, against all conventional wisdom for this type of wine I know, but just as well it turned out.
Classic leathery tar nose but lots of fruit, a lovely brambly berried fruity mouthful some spice and plenty of length, very dark colour with just the start of a fading rim, sadly halfway down the bottle it started to fade, it never declined as far as not drinkable just lost it’s initial shine and appeal, shame it started so well, this was fortunately pre football, the beer came out for that which was just as well.


Lightly dusted plaice fillet, new potatoes, peas and mixed salad accompanied by Mrs M’s favourite-
2020 Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc Private Bin (New Zealand, Marlborough)

Saturday - I made a new batch of spicy beans, one portion to go with usual chicken, new potatoes and rest to be bagged and frozen.

I opened

N.V. Grayhaven Winery Pinotage (USA)
In 2008 I visited the three estates in Virginia that grew and made Pinotage. Grayhaven was one and I brought this home with me. This is labelled ‘American Wine’ and was a NV. Owner winemaker Deon Abrams told me it was made before Grayhaven had enough of their own grapes and they had to augment his Virginia grapes with some brought from California in a refrigerated truck in a a few day. The other surprise was it was 16% abv.

Well, this was aged and sweet, with delicate fruit flavours - Mrs M said it tasted like a Madeira. I enjoyed it.

Sunday aperitif was

N.V. Codorníu Cava Selección Raventós Brut (Spain, Cava)

My penultimate bottle of this cracking good fizz.

To go with roast topside of beef, roast parsnip and potatoes, steamed carrots, cauliflower and pointed cabbage and not forgetting Yorkshire puddings, we had

2017 Château de Pitray Cuvée Cabernet Franc ( Bordeaux, Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux)

An unusual varietal Cabernet France claret, just perfect drinking now, and unfortunately no longer listed by TWS.

And then Mrs M plonked herself down in front of the tele to watch 22 men chase a ball round a field while I made coffee and headed upstairs to my computer.

(Villa Maria from Sainsbury, Grayhaven from winery, Codorniu from Majestic, Ch Pitray from TWS)


Thanks for the tip. I’m busy plotting my next trip to Haro for as soon as possible


For last summer, we’d planned a brilliant 2.5-week trip to San Sebastian, Haro, the Duoro and Porto. Of course it didn’t happen. Still thinking we can do the Porto/Duoro leg this year, which will be great. But so disappointed to miss out on San Sebastian and Haro.


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