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NEW Weekend drinking 9th -12th July

Fortunately a few more to go!

He is still a resident in England :wink:


Friday evening we had Cajun salmon on the BBQ (which I must say was very tasty)
With this.

I think this is my favourite ‘Condrieu in all but name’ :wink:
Better than Ogier’s La Rosine as an example. (Just my opinion of course)

Last night was this with lamb steaks, pitta, houmous, med veg, cous cous etc

Outstanding. Hope the 2018 is just as good that I have recently purchased. Think it is still available at £20 for those interested?

Tonight, bringing out the big guns with some steak and chips, peppercorn sauce

Has been in the decanter and smells incredible.

@cerberus - have seen your note on the De Martino Chardonnay and popped a bottle in the fridge. Will report back in due course.


Ugh don’t start, it’s been driving me a little insane. I’d not really analysed the draw before embarking on “three expressions of sangiovese” this week. Once I’d opened the Flaccianello last weekend I was committed, only later in the week did I recognise my error!

I plan to make up for it this evening by imbibing the most English of drinks, Perry. Very much I spired by this article on Jancis.com, I found a website that would sell the very same Perry described.

Cmon England!


Some crisps and olives with Tio Pepe en Rama 2020 with the cycling as it crossed into Andorra.

The only English drinks consumed tonight will be beer.


We made sure we got the pizzas out of the way yesterday so we could focus on local English steaks on the basis that it is our patriotic duty to do anything we can do to tilt the balance our way in what should be a very close game…

We are having this to drink…

I am not sure how much love the Aussies will have for England (I know some of you can comment directly!) but this seemed better than a chianti today.

It was a birthday present a few years ago. Still a really dark purple colour, with dark blackberry fruit and some strong chocolate and tobacco. Really smooth to the taste, much smoother than some of its equivalents…

Fingers and everything else crossed for tonight…


Love seeing your plans for what you’ll be drinking with the match tonight! :smiley::soccer: Anyone got anything on ice to celebrate (or commiserate) later?

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2015 vintage of the above wine with some Thai food. Will have to consider buying more of this it’s so good.



A most invigorating swim with a couple girlfriends this afternoon, in Lewes’s wonderful outdoor swimming pool, The Pells. Nothing short of bliss… :relieved:

Appetite duly whetted, I opened this Rosé de Xinomavro to accompany stuffed squid(s) and salad:

Confession time: I am still on the fence about Xinomavro. On paper, this should be a red grape after my own heart - but for some reason it is yet to truly light my fire (please don’t light yours to burn me at the stake :grimacing: :fire:).

Well, this rosé may, strangely, be my Damascene conversion! My god, what a unique glass of wine! Not only does it win the contest on colour (copper pipes to my mind, rather than salmon pink) - both nose and palate reveal an array of notes that, together, seem to offer something rather extraordinary.

It was too cold initially and rather muted on the nose, but once we left it for a while it revealed notes of rosehip syrup, wild berries, Campari-like botanicals, flinty smokiness and underneath all that just a whiff of burned caramel.

This fascinating melange continued on the palate with notes of forest berries, wild strawberries, orange peel, cinnamon and dried, dusty Mediterranean herbs. Acidity is bright and zesty, and the tannins that are present have a texture we couldn’t quite describe. Finish is long, moving from blood orange, to spice, to dried herbs.

A wine we will not forget in a hurry…! :star_struck:

Those of you watching the football - enjoy! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


The 2011 Mendel Unus is fantastic! Last had one 2-3 years ago. Got another 4 to go at.
Interesting that it’s not increased in price from 2011 > 2018.


Lunch brought these treats. The fizz is a standout blancs de blancs and the penultimate bottle of 6 all of which have pleased the audience. The red was a lovely match with roasted pork shoulder, the last of our Jersey Royals and steamed broccoli. it continued to please with the cheeses. Rhubarb crumble loved the sweetie.


I’m approaching 9 years living in this country. Wife and 2 boys born here so I will be supporting the 3 Lions tonight. All good until England play Australia. Then it’s gloves off :boxing_glove::boxing_glove: (particularly in the cricket!)


In terms of longevity, I think this still has plenty to give. Could go another 5-10 years and develop more tertiary notes if you are into that thing. Reminded me of a really well made, ripe, Bordeaux. Maybe a right bank '09 perhaps? Can’t speak highly enough really. Fantastic cork too btw. Jealous of your 4 remainders.

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Another from a Wine Society mixed Rhône case of 1996’s that I completely forgot about

This is a wine that a novice would say was really not very good. It’s all about structure rather than fruit with a meaty, feral smell, maybe with a hint of fruit lurking underneath. On tasting you again get that bovril/oxo note together with plenty of acidity and a more noticeable dark fruit character. Pepperiness on the finish but like a few from this case it’s a bit short (I think the acidity clears everything out a bit quickly). Still an interesting wine, with recognisable N Rhône character.


Excellent. There are some years when having watched the first day of an ashes series at the Gabba I feel like supporting Australia!

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Down in Dorset for a few days, so…. When in Dorset, drink Dorset!

Plans for tonight include this (!) from a brewery in the next village:

Followed by a bottle of this:


Try the Furleigh Estate white PN if you get the chance.


A bit of pre-football kitchen experimentation this evening - pork belly (not an experiment), an experimental cross between pommes Anna and pommes boulangère, Little Gem lettuce, and an experimental spiced apricot and honey sauce. And a new wine to us - Pittnauer Pittnauski, 2015.

The potatoes and sauce were both very successful. But while I say that the pork belly wasn’t an experiment, I cooked it on a rack rather than the more usual pile of sliced onions, and this was a mistake - the crackling was great, but it rather dried out. You live and learn.

As for the wine - definitely one to repeat. Just right with the food; the structure all comes from the acidity rather than tannin. Red fruit in abundance, and a nice herbal leafiness too, which lifts rather than feels unripe. Very much the sort of red wine that we’re coming to appreciate more and more. It’s not competing with the food for your attention, but harmonising with it. Yummy.


I can barely stand to watch!