NEW Weekend drinking 9th -12th July

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This elegant 2015 Chinon this evening, from Charles Joguet:

The wine will accompany the Welsh (half) lamb shoulder, which I’m salivating just thinking about! [Edit: salivation was justified]. First glass of the wine is very promising indeed. The nose is fantastic: unmistakeable Cab Franc pencil shavings, mingled with a balsamic note, forest berries and cranberries, pot pourri, a touch of spice (nutmeg, maybe?) and sandalwood incense.

On the palate it is lean and lithe; feels like it needs to stretch its arms a bit and relax. It currently offers fresh red berries (raspberries, cranberries) but also sloes, followed by that balsamic note and mixed with baking spice and violets. Acidity is bright – quite bracing, in fact, and tannins have a good grip and a chalky texture. That lovely mixture of bright red fruit, a touch of umami and a savoury edge is enormously appealing. This feels truly classy already! :ok_hand: :heart:

Eager to see how it will taste with the food – and whether further notes will emerge over the course of the evening.

Happy weekend, everyone! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:

Ps. The wine was fantastic, with last glass probably the best. It filled up a bit, but retained its lithe energy. Plenty of mileage left - so second bottle will not be broached for some time if we can help it!


(copied from Bermuda Triangle thread)
This one bought by my better half:

Raza Vinho verde 2020 Rose

Quinta da Raza | Vinhos

Rosé - Quinta da Raza | Vinhos

Aromas of red fruits are present, together with an intense freshness that is the direct result of the intrinsic characteristics of our native grape varieties

From Corks of Bristol :

Lovely berry fruit underlays the typical spritz and salinity of Vinho Verde. A perfect pairing with a heritage tomato and garlic tart. A really appetising, fresh and invigorating drop


Enjoyed these last PM….the Grand Mayne was a cook wine and the Margaux with lamb racks and latterly cheese.
Delightful, an early drinker, from a poor vintage but still very approachable and enjoyable.


This Clarendon Hills “Clarendon” Grenache 2006 llast night was absolutely outstanding, in a great place, no proper tasting notes taken. It was just so enjoyable - velvety, figgy, so long and rounded. I think if you like big/rich grenache dominant gigondas then this would be up your street. A real pleasure and a wonderful match for bbq spatchcock poussin with yoghurt tahini and coriander potatoes. An experimental purchase, not had any of their wines before but on this example I’ll be investigating a large mixed case. A bit of a risk given there’s no TWS promise on them though


Last night we opened a SA Cab Sauvignon to accompany Chicken Basque. It was a great combination.

It was 2018 so might have been a little young but not so. A fruit forward, smooth easy drinker with gentle tannins. Very full bodied. From a winery called Paserene in Franschhoek. The perfect match to a dish heavy on red peppers, chorizo and Sun dried tomatoes. It was St Delia’s recipe minus the black olives (shopping mishap) and was delialicious!

Preceded by another glass of the lovely Gratien & Meyer Rose Cremant du Loire that we opened on Friday as an apero and a glass each of a Naked Wine NZ Sauvignon Blanc (gift!) with salade du chèvre chaud. Actually went quite well so I shall desist from harsh criticism and simply state it was a little watery and short in the finish.


Yes, and it kept scrolling through the previous posts. Odd.

Anyways, I opened this last night to go with slow cooked leg of lamb.

Opulent, dense black fruit with a noticable hint of vanilla. Suspect I could have left this a few years yet.

Had half the bottle, so I’ll see how it is at lunch with some more of the lamb :sheep:


First, thank you @Brocklehurstj for pointing me in the right direction for some veal bones which were integral for the Marsala sauce I wanted to make (freezer now also duly stocked with several meals worth of nice meats).

British rose veal escalope, sugar snap peas and very buttery mash. I was going for the 50/50 cheffy thing on the spuds but bottled it around 30%, I just couldn’t bring myself to add any more :joy:

The wine was a perfect match. Old briefcase with a lingering sense of sweet blue fruits. Tannins nicely resolved. A contrast in style from last week’s Flaccianello and like my midweek Chianti Rufina!


Those spuds are indeed very yellow. Amazing picture on the wall, cool pineapple pendant lamp shade.

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The first of three, bought when offered recently. I think it will go nicely with the duck my wife is cooking as I write, but a first sip suggests that the next two will need to be drunk pretty soon.


I learned the poor vintage lesson with a bottle of Clos du Marquis.
Tasted possibly 8 years, post vintage; it was utterly gorgeous.
The Time in the Sun for such wines may be relatively short, but once tasted - never forgotten. :dragon:

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On holiday for a week in Norfolk. Steak from Hawksmoor at Home. The feasting box of t-bone, fillet and ribeye. The meat was fantastic and the sides just as good. Very much my favourite meal box.

Bordeaux on deck. Alter Ego was the first wine I ever bought that was more than £50 (£50.50 to be exact, back in February 2017). Have sat on it ever since decided was time to try the first of the two I bought. Worth the wait.

Dassault 2011 an old favourite and drinking wonderfully.


Great pairing!
I got a case of Alter 2012 but haven’t tried yet.
Is it drinking well?

Yes, incredibly well. It was fantastic. I have bought more today.


How could you drink an Italian wine this weekend?!


Young Pessac tonight Edit actually last night), probably way to early to try but I have 6 so no harm in testing, after all @peterm has advised that red wine is actually weight reducing :joy:

Not showing too much to start with, slightly astringent. Will update IDC.

Edit:- Longer this was in the glass the better it was. Lovely mouth feel, dark fruit, still slightly astringent. Will have next bottle in a year or so.


So i had the other half of the bottle. Which was mysteriously rather less than 3 glasses… that seems to happen a lot round here. Anybody else have this sort of evaporation?

It’s opened nicely and is less dense, more balanced and more enjoyable.


He’s not English :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Just opened …it’s on song ….shortly with lunch of confit du canard….