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New website.... No links to community!

Indeed. I hadn’t thought of that, more that it was a complete pain to find. Not sure I buy the line that there isn’t room at the top…

Sometimes I think that those making changes need to stop and think…what do I expect to achieve from this, is it measurable, is there a sensible cost/benefit trade off, and will I hack off existing customers by doing so? Jury’s out on these I think.


Yep - I just type ‘Com’ in the address bar and my device (phone, laptop, ipad - doesn’t matter) pre-populates the rest of the address. Maybe that’s technology’s way of telling me I come here too often?


You mean there are other places to go ??:sweat_smile:


its may not necessarily be that there isn’t room but that it will get very busy and ‘unclean’ if its added

be interesting to know what percentage fo the membership use the community @Laura do you have that info ? we think we are important because we use the community but we could be a very small % of the overall membership


Not sure that I follow that if there was room before, in which case someone is making a judgement on relative importance?

I suspect we are a small % in absolute numbers, but a significantly bigger one in spend…


I have a similar concern about the message being sent. During the last 12 months or so there has been a significant increase in community membership and lately I’m seeing more community links appearing on wine related googles and higher up the list. So that importance (as TWS advertising) is growing.

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Looking at it again, it looks pretty spartan at the moment so not sure how a discreet link at the top would make it busy, let alone unclean? Or is there a subliminal message that the WS no longer want to promote the Community?

but part of the review of the website may have been that it was too cluttered?

I wouldn’t assume anything about spend tbh

Very possibly, in which case my second sentence kicks in…:slight_smile:

For me, the problems with the website were largely at the levels below this, where there was an increasing amount of frustrating non linkages, non intuitive ways of getting from A to B and some bizarre things (think avocado and prawns!). Seemed symptomatic of too many ad hoc workarounds on a framework that needed redoing. Says someone with close to zero IT knowledge…however I have noticed the website getting slowly but steadily worse over the last 5 years.

lets hope that this review has looked at those and all will work well - I too have very little IT knowledge…just a knowledge of how it should logically work to drive sales and encourage customer satisfaction

btw - a couple of people have reported issues and they appear to have been resolved quite quickly

Hi guys,
Just to update you, I’ve shared the poll and the comments on this topic with the Executive Team and the IS team and it’s being looked into. I also fed back about the appearance of the logo/swoosh being a bit pixellated and I’ve pointed them in the direction of both this topic and the ‘New look, same Society’ topic. :slight_smile: So HUGE thanks to you all - it really does help!
Fingers crossed we can get the Community button back somewhere more visible ASAP - it’s very much on my radar so I’ll update you as soon as I can.


exactly the same, but then I like clicking between the Community and the main page via the top banner


378 active users in the community in the last 30 days… divide that by 140,000?


I’ve just noticed another grumble about the new website appearance and that is in the icons/logos that appear next to the tab titles in the browser. They used to be different making it easy to pick out which is TWS and which is the community. However they are both now the same - a simple W on a red background - well not quite actually - they use different fonts - but I’m sure that will be fixed. Anyway, I rather liked having different icons on the tabs to help distinguish. Not a major grumble but…

so 0.25% of members

if spend by this group was more than 1.5% (6 x yield) of total member spend I (if I were the TWS) would be doing all I could to get everyone onto the community!

but first (and to prove the point) I would probably have a look at community members spend pre them joining the community to see if there is a correlation between increased sales and participation in the community

on a sample of one, I would say clearly… :wink:


There definitely is in my case! :blush: Not so much quantity but quality. My spend per bottle has definitely gone up since I joined the community. But that’s half the reason I joined; to get slightly more upmarket wines without quite as much risk as my own uninformed and rather more random buying choices! :smiley:


what a great reason to join a community ! and its one of the things I love about it…ask a question and there is someone able to give you a sensible, helpful answer


So one interesting thing to note about this is that 378 logged in users, and our stats show we get a significant number of members who:
A. Have registered with the Community, but aren’t particularly interested in posting themselves, so they now often just view the Community without feeling the need to log in. (So their visit isn’t officially recorded in the Discourse stats)
B. Aren’t interested in registering here for whatever reason, but do enjoy reading posts, so again their visit isn’t recorded but they still get good use out of the Community.
So the real numbers are quite a bit higher! :smiley:

Believe me, I am!! :rofl: It’s not so much about increased spend as it is about increased value of membership - taking part here seems to achieve our goal of making members feel a bigger part of their Wine Society, and helps you all have a bigger voice when it comes to giving feedback on the way we do things, and getting reliable advice and recommendations from each other. Seeing this increased level of participation and benefits from membership is an utter joy for me!


Lurkers then…which I have been known to do on other sites…