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New website.... No links to community!

Bottom left hand corner.


Yeah, right at the bottom of every page:

Maybe on the mobile version, but not on the full page P.C. version (via firefox) - see attached - community link is notable by its absence. So only those logging in with a smartphone can join the community.

On a positive note… it also means that big screen user’s cannot access TWS twitter or facebook directly - so a bonus of sorts.

Are you zoomed in?

Just to the left of ‘About Us’ you should have Quick Order with community below it then the icons for FB / Insta / twitter.

Checked it on latest stable release of both Opera and Chrome on my desktop.

Ah, it should definitely be there, @lapin_rouge so if you don’t have it in the footer let me know and I’ll report it.

Out of interest - are you guys disappointed we don’t have the Community in that top navbar any more? Did you use it?

  • Yes, sometimes
  • Yes, often
  • No, and I’ll use the footer
  • No, I didn’t use it and don’t need it

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Strange, it’s there on my laptop running Firefox:

I wonder if its a zoom or screen resolution issue?

Ditto here. Worth clearing the cache in case you stumbled upon an earlier trial version.

That was Windows 10, by the way. Just checked Firefox on Linux Mint 19 on an Intel NUC and it’s also there.

YAY ! it’s there now. compare below against my previous post

Could be a resolution issue 'cos I use a 27" screen at 3840 x 2160. But it’s there now, so happy days.


That’s some real estate you’ve got there! :+1:

Now I want one :tv:


Yes disappointed, and please restore it.

The new link is much less obvious and isnt opening a separate tab on my internet toolbar. Not exactly sure what its doing…but I have to shut it down to see other tabs I had open.

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I don’t really care because I normally use the Discourse app…

The logo is growing on me. The background splurge looks odd at first, was surprised it wasn’t a solid red. Interesting there is no social version, its hard to read at small sizes and no circular version. Website i haven’t seen yet.

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Me too, never access the community through the webpage.

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an app you say…

I normally access via tinternet as I flick between emails and projects

Update… the link opens a new tab on my desktop (so I can see WS and Community tabs at the same time) but not my tablet, where it opens something separate from all other internet tabs, meaning I have to close it down then go back to the WS website separately which is not good.

I don’t use it on my phone as it’s too small and fiddly…don’t use phone much for internet stuff for that reason.

As you have probably already guessed, I am supremely indifferent to all the branding stuff…hope we haven’t paid too much for it that’s all…


I agree! Hiding the link in the footer is sending an unfortunate (and I am sure an unintended) message - the Community is not important.


Indeed. I hadn’t thought of that, more that it was a complete pain to find. Not sure I buy the line that there isn’t room at the top…

Sometimes I think that those making changes need to stop and think…what do I expect to achieve from this, is it measurable, is there a sensible cost/benefit trade off, and will I hack off existing customers by doing so? Jury’s out on these I think.


Yep - I just type ‘Com’ in the address bar and my device (phone, laptop, ipad - doesn’t matter) pre-populates the rest of the address. Maybe that’s technology’s way of telling me I come here too often?