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New video mini-series: Artists of Austria


Hi all

Thought you might be interested to see that we’ve just put up a series of videos which are a bit of an experiment for us – a 6-part ‘mini-series’ (which makes it sound rather grand!) which follows Freddy Bulmer on a buying trip to Austria as he meets some of the suppliers we work with to try the new wines they’ve got on offer.
We thought that this was a great chance to try and get across part of what makes The Wine Society so different to many other retailers: to see in action the relationships between our buyers and growers (some which have lasted for many years, some of which are very new) and the scale of some of the growers we work with. Peter Wetzer for example is a Hungarian producer who makes just 15,000 bottles a year from a tiny shed in his back garden! We are very lucky that we are able to scout out these hidden gem producers and their delicious wines.

Of course, we weren’t able to cover all of Austria for this trip – the videographer and I were only along for 2 days, visiting pre-determined producers, but hopefully it gives you a flavour of the stories and people that are behind the bottles.

Would be interesting to hear your feedback :slight_smile:



Just watched the first one of these and found it very interesting and a good addition to the offer. I like the idea of featuring small innovative producers, especially those who have taken over from parent winemakers etc. I hope these short films remain independent of any sales pitches like #1,2,3,4 etc!


Great idea and loved the one I watched! It can be a bit jumpy in places which might annoy some people. I assume the CCs are YouTube’s own (‘some chemicals’ seemed to become ‘them cals’) but would be nice if you made your own so they looked better, esp with the nice graphics created.

Oh and if a sales pitch is included that’s ok by me :wink:


Thanks for feeding back Tom - we had about 16 hours of footage by the end so had some fairly brutal edits to make so apologies if it adds a bit of a ‘jumpy’ feel to the footage! We kept the thought ‘What would Simon Reeve do?’, in our minds, so hopefully the ‘bumpiness’ gives a bit of drama to proceedings :wink:

Also, we did add subtitles ourselves, so I’m guessing we either 1) missed some of the auto-corrects from Word (apologies if so, will go and take a look!!) or 2) YouTube subtitles are switched on for your machine(think you can turn these off onsite)

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:


Thanks @AnaGramWords, glad you found them interesting.

It’s definitely the smaller, innovative ones that excite me most, really nice to get a feeling that it really is a way of life for them, rather than just ‘doing business’.


Watched the Familie Mantler one - @Freddy is the new Simon Reeve / Levison Wood !

Really enjoyed it - loved the feel and the message

@AnaGramWords - they are part of a sales pitch…to get people to by more Austrian wine - you can buy the mixed case or follow the “taste the story” link. Everything on the website is part of a sales pitch of sorts…but we get the idea you don’t like the bin series !


Really enjoyed the videos; good to see who/ what is behind the label and their different philosophies.

I watched all of them in one go. I like the introductory montage, but it did grate after the fifth video.


Its great to read some lovely feedback folks. It was a real pleasure to be able to shine a spotlight on such brilliant and interesting wine makers.


Wow!.. I’ve just watched all the episodes, and I have to say - it’s been an absolute pleasure to watch- I almost wish that every episode was much longer.

I absolutely love Austrian wines, and I felt that each winemaker’s story reminded me why I love them so much. Their dedication and passion really shines through.

I hope there will be many more such episodes on other wine makers/regions! And maybe some Rotgipfler and Gumpoldskirchen bottles on the WS list too, @Freddy? :pray::smile:


Hungarian Furmint once again rears its ugly head…

Joke aside, quite an interesting example. It looks like the grapes are grown in the Somló region and not Sopron, but that is more of an educated guess than certainty. Tempting though.