NEW #TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]

Good afternoon!

It’s time to announce our May #twstaste! Throughout April you’ve been voting for your #favesocietywine both here and on social media - telling us which Society or Exhibition label wines you think everyone should try. :smiley:

TWSTASTE: Your fave Society/Exhibition wines, 23rd May, 8-9pm

We had dozens and dozens of votes, and it was a pretty close-run thing, but in the end you’ve all picked a winning red and white wine, both from our Exhibition range:



Want to take part?

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Order a bottle each of the two above wines and make sure they’re delivered before Thursday 23rd May 2019.
  • Get your wines chilled/decanted ready for our 8pm kick-off - why not invite some friends over, or rustle up a tasty feast to match the wines? :smiley:
  • Join us here on The Community just before 8pm - there’ll be a topic called ‘LIVE! #TWSTaste’ which is where we’ll all meet to taste the wines together and discuss our thoughts.

Hope you can join us! Who’s in?

  • I’ll be there!
  • Not for me this time
  • I’m hoping I can make it!

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Sorry to miss this one but we will be on holiday. In fact that will be day one of two days in Rioja at the start of our Spanish and French road trip.


Looking forward to this. I’ll extract the Haut-Medoc (aka Ch. Beaumont) from my wine rack but will make sure I order the NZ Chardonnay in good time.

Now to think of the menu and guests to share the experience…

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Looks like we’ve had a good response so far - just bumping this in case anyone didn’t see it first time around! :smiley:

I’m sure we would really have enjoyed this but we will be erecting a tent in a field on Jura as you sip your wines… I might have to get the wines anyway though and taste them later with everyone’s ramblings and GIFs to entertain us. Have a great evening!


This is your something-past-five alarm call! Less than three hours until the next #TWSTaste session. Time to change channels!

Click on this link to take you there - #TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]