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NEW #TWSTaste: white Rhone vs white Burgundy, Thursday 13th Feb, 8-9pm

I have made a tragic double booking and must now attend another event tomorrow instead of the tasting with you lovely lot. The second time I’ve bought the wines, but missed the event - damn!! :disappointed_relieved:
Will try these whites on Friday and add my comments later - have fun!

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Unfortunately I’ve got the Viognier but also a nasty bug that’s keeping me off work :nauseated_face: so no fun for me this evening. Look forward to reading everyone’s thoughts though.

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Sorry to hear that, both of you!
Would LOVE to hear your thoughts on the wine another time so do feel free to add them. :slight_smile:
Hoe you’re feeling better soon, @tfpywfpy!

We’re changing channels in preparation for tonight’s #TWStaste

so gedoutahere and gedoverthere!

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