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NEW #TWSTaste: white Rhone vs white Burgundy, Thursday 13th Feb, 8-9pm



Hi everyone,

After last month’s tannat-athon, I thought we’d off-set two reds with a tasting of two whites.

I asked you which French regions you’d like to see featured, and it was very close between Rhone and Burgundy. So, without further ado:

NEW #TWSTaste: white Burgundy vs white Rhone, Thursday 13th Feb, 8-9pm

We’ve just launched a white Burgundy offer and a 2018 Rhone offer, so we’ll give a couple of wines from these offers a try:

White Burgundy: Domaine Cordier, Mâcon Aux Bois d’Allier 2017

White Rhone: Viognier Grès du Trias, Coteaux de l’Ardèche, Vignerons Ardéchois 2018

I’m hoping these will be relatively new to most of you - I’ve certainly never tried them - but as a big white Burgundy and white Rhone fan, I can’t wait! It’s also the day after my birthday, so another great excuse to drink wine…

How to take part

  1. Buy a bottle of each of the above wines and have it delivered before Thursday 13th February 2020
  2. We like to encourage everyone to get some friends over, or plan a dinner they think will match - really make an evening of it! Let us know what you have planned…
  3. On the night, open the wines ready (we usually have a discussion in advance about whether we think they need decanting and for how long)
  4. Join us here on the Community a little before 8pm , and there will be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste’ ready and waiting - that’s where we’ll all taste and discuss the wines.

We hope you can join us - who’s in?

  • Count me in!
  • I’m hoping to make it
  • Not for me this time

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February 2020 on The Community

Right up my street.


I’ve got the Burgundy, but not the Rhone. Unfortunately my next delivery doesn’t arrive until the following week (half term).

Will try and join for the Cordier.


I was really banking on making it, but I’ll be back from Israel just before, so not looking likely now :frowning: .

I’d be following the thread for sure, though - as I loved the Viognier, so would be interesting to see how it fares compared to the Burgundy. Hopefully I can make the March one! :pray:


Not for me this time; not just for the colour but I’ll still be in chamonix then so no opportunity to get the wine anyway!


Making a point of staying in for this one!


The question is what I add to the order for free delivery…

Early contender -


Damn! There goes my ‘buy nothing other than EP for Feb’ plan…


be quick


Thanks! Order placed for delivery next month…


What about this as a value option…

The Liberator ‘Blood Brothers’ Red Label, Stellenbosch 2011


That also looks very good, and might just pick up some for earlier delivery, especially given the reviews and a need for some slightly more everyday wines!

Have visited Boekenhoutskloof and am a big fan of their wines, and have almost bought young vintages of Porseleinberg before, so the opportunity for a couple of mature bottles was too good to pass up!


I like the description, but they could at least show the label with a write-up like that (to save my lazy fingers from hitting up Google)

Just in case anyone else is equally lazy, think this is it

Edit for typos


Just a quick bump to say there’s still just about time to get these wines delivered if you’re interested in joining us! :smiley:


Thanks, all sorted!! :+1:


The shipment via DHL has been damaged - again, however member services are posting out replacements which hopefully will arrive on Thursday. Fingers crossed.


Oh dear! I’m glad Member Services were able to sort out replacements for you - keeping everything crossed! :crossed_fingers:


Fed Ex are now on the case so I’m hopeful :pray::laughing:


Don’t read the second half of this thread



I see what you mean @Brocklehurstj I did see the early part of that thread but not the recent posts, which don’t make good reading. I’ll go and add my tuppenceworth to that now!