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NEW #TWSTaste Virtual Wine Tasting: Italy and Argentina, two new reds! Thursday 24th June, 8-9pm

Is this the same wine that was offered EP a while ago or a new ‘vintage’?


@szaki1974 Let me ask and find out!

Have just chatted to our EP team, it was offered EP in 2019! It’s new to our 1874 magazine and web range now.

If I click on my previously purchased EP wine it takes me to the live site where I’m able to purchase for £10.95 (landed on the table EP price was £10.18 with no storage) When you factor in storage it equals £10.95/btl.
My suspicion is that it is excess stock not sold via the EP offer and held at TWS warehouses until now.

Based on this and the Tonel 111 Malbec 1994 EP offer, I would say there is no real incentive price-wise to buy these Weinert wines via those EP offers.


I have the magnums… those did not show up.


Yes, I suppose if you bought in larger formats then it is a good way of securing something unlikely to be offered on the main page a year or so later.
Not for me who bought standard 75cl size though.

Well I finished the last of my 75cl bottles at Christmas so I’m delighted to have an opportunity to get some more. As for the chianti, all the 2016s have been so good I’ll be very likely to get some of these too


Me too…

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Just bumping this topic for anyone else that might like to join this event - there’s still enough time to get the wines delivered :slight_smile:


I can’t change my ‘vote’, but when I get home the two wines should have been delivered so I should be there rather than maybe!


@MikeFranklin Great news!


I will almost certainly give the Chianti some time in decanter but does anyone have a view on whether the Weinert should be decanted?

Okay, I’ve now got another very confusing and rather urgent question for either @Kelly or @laura

So this is the label on the Chianti bottle that has been delivered to me:

Which does not match the label on either Castello La Leccia on the list:

The second one of those is the one identified for the tasting tonight. The first one is actually not due in until 30th Jul and it’s not a reserva and it’s 2018. So I’m pretty sure mine is not that one. But the one it should be has Giuliano printed on the label under the word Reserva (as well as a completely different label design) whereas the one I have has Reserva but does not have Giuliano anywhere else on the labels, front or back. Does everyone else have the same as me, in which case no problem? However, it would be good to know whether this is the same wine that I ordered, but they’ve just dropped the Giuliano name, or is actually a different wine!

Hi @MikeFranklin, I’ll try and check this for you as I’m not sure why the label is different! I’ll get back to you as soon as I can - just to check, did you buy this bottle from us or from the winery?

I got it from TWS and it was delivered a couple of days ago. My order is definitely for the wine at the top of this thread. I expect it is the correct wine and they’ve just dropped the Giuliano name. However it would be good to get confirmation. Member services were left scratching their heads over it. And were going to refund it but I said to wait until we got confirmation. As I say I think it’s probably correct but it would be useful to know if everyone’s bottles have this label! :smiley:

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@MikeFranklin we have checked with the winery and just heard back - it is the exactly the same wine but with a different label. So sorry for the confusion - it was definitely a head-scratcher!


Okay, that’s what I suspected! :rofl: Thanks for checking!

See you tonight!

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Ours has the blue label as well.


Tonight’s #TWSTaste topic is now live:

See you all later!