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NEW #TWSTaste virtual wine tasting: Chianti Champions! Thursday 9th July, 8-9pm

That’s great @laura, is there any word whether more of the Castello La Leccia is going to be coming back in? I notice the mixed case which includes it is ‘due in 26 Jun’ which would be just about in time. But only if there will be more individual bottles of the Leccia at that time.

Hi Mike, unfortunately not! :pensive: It was more popular than anticipated and flew off the shelves! So there’s the mixed case option you mentioned, or I think any of us who don’t get the Leccia could try the Exhibition Chianti instead if you’d rather not buy the whole mixed case?

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It will probably have to be the latter option. Either that or I just have the one wine; I’m used to this since it’s what I normally do when we have a red and a white being tasted! :upside_down_face: :+1:

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If it helps, I’ll be tasting the Exhibition Chianti too… :upside_down_face: :see_no_evil:


Will negotiate a wine order. May need to wait until we know whether house offer has been accepted!


Eee, keeping fingers crossed for you!

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Thanks! It’s a bit of a stupid time to do it, but we’ve put in a bit of a stupid offer and will see what happens!


I had a 2001 of the Urbina recently which was drinking amazingly well. Perfect balance of primary/secondary/tertiary. Hopefully the 2008 delivers as well!

Both of the original Chiantis are sold out now.

46 mixed cases of the Chianti Champions still available. This case has both wines.


Thanks. I had not thought about the Champions Case. Will get one as well.


I’ve been lurking on the community pages for a while now, far too long really without saying anything, so this has been a great push to help me get involved properly. Ordered the chianti case and the 2 wines for the fine wine tasting on the 30th. Looking forward to it! Thanks.


This is great to hear @ssmythe! :smiley: Looking forward to tasting along with you. Are you a big Chianti fan?

Hi @Laura,

I’ve totally lost track of all the community tastings. Should I be looking at a particular thread? The schedule isn’t up on the calendar of tastings yet…



That’s our fault, sorry - we haven’t been able to put the topic live just yet (it’s coming today!)

The next ‘bring your own’ #twstaste tasting is going to be Portugal-themed on 16th July, and then we’re doing an Aged to Perfection-themed tasting featuring two wines from our upcoming Fine Wine List on 30th July.

I posted details of the wines further up the thread in case you want to order them in advance - there’ll be a proper tasting topic live later today. :smiley:


Definitely a big fan! Of Italian wines in general…


Chianti’s turned up today, looking forward to the tasting hoping it not quite as hot as today, as otherwise I will have to probably put the wine in the fridge before serving. Which may shock some people but is pretty common in Spain especially and Italy and works surprisingly well if your drinking US wine in hot temperatures too.


Looking forward to it. Have I missed what the Portuguese wines are?

It’s a bring-your-own Portuguese wine tasting. Anything from Minho to Madeira.


Yes indeed, thanks @Brocklehurstj!

@CL1904, the invitation topic for this is now live, here:

And the 30th July one is here: