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NEW #TWSTaste virtual wine tasting: Chianti Champions! Thursday 9th July, 8-9pm

Yes, as @MikeFranklin - there’s such a lot of virtual events on the go at the moment (we had something like 11 this week!) so we’re doing 2 or 3 #TWSTaste events a month for now. That said, you’re all more than welcome to organise your own virtual tastealongs if you’d like more and have themes in mind? :smiley:


Just checking? This is still on? I’ve got in in time to get the bottles but I noticed it doesn’t appear on the Tasting Calendar on the web-site? I hope it is because it looks good and I’m getting a Zoom Group together to join in.

Don’t worry it will be happening. Community ‘events’ like this don’t always get onto the calendar. They only started appearing there after lock down as normal tastings become impossible.

Although the mixed case is now also out of stock…

Hello @laura

I’m confused by this post, the Chianti champs tasting was scheduled for 9 July, but this post talks about it ‘tonight’.
Will you please confirm. I’ve got the mixed case on order.

Damn. Mixed case gone now too. Have been distracted elsewhere in the wine world. Guess it was just not meant to be.

Luckily it is just Chianti :wink:

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Unfortunately it’s one of my favourites.

Luckily I have others :wink:

Sorry about that Paul! I’ll get that amended - it’s definitely still happening on 9th July! :smiley:

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Thanks Laura, look forward to the evening… :smile:

Well, I’ve been dozily wondering when I should order for this and everything’s sold out. Ho-hum.

However, I do have a couple of 2016 Chianti Classicos lying around, one from the 2016 Chianti case from the beginning of the year (Riecine), the other picked up from Waitrose when out looking for bread four at the beginning of lockdown as it was reduced (Regatto), so I may join in anyway even though they’re not on the approved list.

Like a good boy, I’ve ordered for the Aged to Perfection at the end of July! I’d better order something from Portugal too, just in case.


Ooops! The Ragatto is in fact Sagrato, and is a Chianti Riserva. Apart from that, spot on!


Hi Everyone, I have just taken delivery of one of the mixed cases which I’m sharing with a neighbour, so I’m all set. Looking forward to the tasting on 9th July.


Hi @JohnL and @Brod! Great to hear you’ll be joining us! :smiley:

If anyone else hasn’t been able to get the wines but wants to join us with a bottle of any Chianti you have at home, please do! There’s no rules here. :wink:

I’m new to the community but not to Chianti. Couldn’t get hold of the LaLeccia before it sold out, but hoping to find some for Thursday night. As I have just arrived in Castellina-in-Chianti, I’m hoping that shouldn’t be too difficult. Indeed we drove past the turning to Castello La Lecchia on our way here!


@OwenTudor wow, enjoy yourself! And welcome to The Community, it will be great to have you along on Thursday if you can make it!


What would be the advice for decanting time and serving temperature for the Chiantis on Thursday night?


So, it’s actually proved quite difficult to track down Castello La Lecchia here in, er, Castellina in Chianti, so we went to the cellar door (which is itself being renovated) and picked up a Riserva 2015 and a Gran Selezione 2015 too - €25 and €35 each (probably demonstrating exactly how much value for money the Wine Society is!) The Riserva was smooth and fruity immediately on opening (with typical chianti classico tastes), and until a wasp found its way into the neck of the bottle, remarkably consistent throughout the evening (we didn’t try the last glass which had ‘a bit more body’.)


The topic for tonight’s tasting is now live:


Please head for details for tonight! I’ll close this topic now to avoid any confusion :slight_smile: