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NEW #TWSTaste virtual wine tasting: Chianti Champions! Thursday 9th July, 8-9pm

Hi everyone!

Every year since this Community launched we’ve held a Wine Champions #twstaste event so we can taste two of the year’s Champs together - and why break with tradition? :smiley: :wine_glass:
They’re fun informal nights - it’s all done in writing rather than video - although you’re welcome to get a Zoom group together with some Community friends so you can chat with each other while you type!

This year, it’s Chianti themed…

Wine Champs #TWSTaste: Chianti Champs! Thurs 9th July, 8-9pm

The two wines we’ll be trying are:

NOW SOLD OUT - SEE BELOW FOR MIXED CASE Chianti Rufina, Frascole 2016

NOW SOLD OUT - SEE BELOW Chianti Classico, Castello La Leccia 2016

If you’d still like to attend, order the mixed case:

Some of us (myself included!) didn’t get a chance to order the wines individually before they sold out - but luckily, there’s a Chianti Champions mixed case (featuring a third (!) 2016 Chianti which won in this year’s Wine Champs)!

Fancy joining us? Here’s how to take part:

If you’d like to join us, here’s what to do:

  1. Order one bottle each of the above wines (or the mixed case listed above) and make sure they’re delivered by Thursday 9th July
  2. Reply to this topic once you have your wines ready - feel free to post a picture of your bottle, we love seeing all your photos!
  3. If you like, decant your bottles ready for the event (you can even plan to cook a dish or two to try alongside them, if you like! We like to discuss food matches :smiley:)
  4. Log into the Community shortly before 8pm on Thursday 9th July - you’ll find a topic called ‘ LIVE #TWSTaste: Chiant Champs ’ where the event will take place. We’ll guide you through the tasting from there - don’t be shy to share your thoughts on the wines!

If you’re new to The Community and need help with how to use the forum for the tasting, have a read of our guide ‘How To’ - Take part in our virtual #TWSTaste events’

Who’s joining us? Vote here:

  • I chianti wait!
  • I’ll think about it(aly)
  • I can’t make this one

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I’d really like to do this one. I like Chianti and I particularly like the idea of comparing a Rufina with a Classico also I’m familiar with neither wine and they’re both in what I would consider a good price range of between £10 and £15. So all pluses from my perspective… except I’m just about to receive a big order and I’m not sure I can afford another. Maybe just get these two and take the hit on the delivery? Do we have any idea of any other up and coming named bottle TWSTastings? Maybe I could get others at the same time.


Wine buying ban has gotten stricter as moving house becomes increasingly likely (and booze-cupboard is now literally overflowing) so no new wine for me. Shame as as @MikeFranklin saysm the idea of comparing the classico and rufina in this price range really does appeal!


Is it too late to two bottles onto the forthcoming delivery?

Yes already on route for the last two days.

Ah, that’s a shame. Let me see if we can get the other July event sorted tomorrow so you could potentially combine the wines into one order! :slight_smile:


Now this is right up my street! I’m sure I can squeeze these into the next order :+1:

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Great - both ordered last night

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yeah that would be great as need a good excuse to make another order from the Wine society especially since I am gonna be heading to France for month at the end of July.

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Thanks! I think I’ve chosen the wines now, and the event will be on 30th July (it’s hopefully going to be a couple of gorgeous mature wines from our new Fine Wine List :heart_eyes: ) - I’m just trying to see if I can get some stock released early (the Fine Wine List doesn’t technically go live until around 11th July…!)

When are you (and you @MikeFranklin!) looking to make your order? :slight_smile:


I’m in no great hurry so just need it in plenty of time for the Chianti tasting. As I live in the far north though I need to give it a little longer to reach me so probably around 1st July or maybe a week before; I’m currently getting about an 8 day lead to delivery according to the website. Say around 23rd June to be safe.

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Think it will just be the Chianti tasting for me as going to be fingers crossed heading to France on the 28th of July and taking wine to France is like taking coal to Newcastle haha


Taking Italian wine to France though…


yeah but my parents are about 40 mins north from Bordeaux so prefer to enjoy as much Bordeaux as I can when I am there as the selection is amazing in the local supermarkets


Ooh-er - Got a delivery coming Thursday 25. Was going to order these two to add but Castello la Leccia coming up as out of stock?? IT 28361 - have I got that right?

Oh wow yeah currently out of stock. Would be a massive shame if that’s it.

@laura, any word on whether that is it for the Castello La Leccia? I’ve still got the Frascole in the basket, so could potentially take part with just the one but…

Hello everyone! Sorry for the delay - I’ve been on hols for four days (typical!) but I’m on this now.

I’m just checking if the Castello La Leccia is definitely gone - if so, I’m sorry! And I didn’t get any either… :see_no_evil:
I’d suggest those of us that didn’t get any Castello la Leccia could buy the third 2016 Chianti featured in Wine Champs instead, and we can have a slightly split tasting (could be interesting to compare all three between us all!):

The Champion Chianti case is available, and includes the Castello la Leccia. It says due in 26 June. I’ve just ordered this, AND been offered delivery by Society van, great news. :smiley:


Just to let you know the two wines for the ‘Aged to Perfection’ Fine Wine List tasting in July are going to be:


So if you wanted to order them all at the same time, you can. :smiley: