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NEW #TWSTaste Virtual Wine Tasting: Born In The USA, Thursday 11th June, just after 8-9pm

Hello all!

Thank you very much to everyone who attended our First Taste of Two New Exhibition Wines virtual tasting event tonight!

It’s now time to get our next virtual tasting in the diary:

New #TWSTaste virtual wine tasting: Born In The USA, Thursday 11th June, [just after] 8pm-9pm

Like our some of our previous tastings, we’re asking you to raid your wine rack to see what you’ve already got at home, and join together to taste along live next Thursday.

Between us, we’ll be trying to taste as many different wines from the USA as possible!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a California Zinfandel, a riesling from Columbia Valley or a pinot noir from Oregon - anything that you want to open is welcome, as are you!

If you haven’t got any wines from the USA and want to open something else and taste along, that’s fine too. Bring along a bottle and join in anyway - you might find some inspiration for different wines to put on your ‘must try’ list!

USA Wine Guide

If you’re new to USA wines and would like to swot up before the tasting, have a read of our Ultimate Guide to USA Wine:


“I have always loved all things American. From early childhood family road trips to American sit coms, and in my first foray into wine at university the blue nun of my generation - Blossom Hill Rose! The American dream was clear to me - bigger, funnier, louder, sweeter - I loved it. In my 20’s as I began to learn about wine, I discovered that the story of American wine is entwined in the perceived American stereotype. Napa Cabernets had arrived onto the Fine Wine World scene with a bang; disruptive, delicious and dangerous to a French-dominated Fine Wine market. I admire this American entrepreneurial anarchy and I have to stand back and take my hat off to a wine trade that has made trends, changed styles, and switched focus, with agility and success. More recently, we are watching the swing from the bigger, bolder, sweeter styles to the tighter, leaner and more subtle, but underneath it all is a truly talented wine community, with some unbeatable vineyards, old vines, buckets of skill and, importantly, a finger on the pulse of what consumers actually want to drink. My annual trip to the West coast has become a pilgrimage of sorts, and I can’t wait to be back on the Pacific highway 1, in an enormous hire car covering hundreds of miles, trying stunning and surprising wines.”

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Have a look to see if you have any wines from the USA at home. If you don’t, you can currently mix your own cases on our website for delivery, or your nearest indie wine merchant may be able to deliver if our delivery dates before next Thursday are full.
  2. Reply to this topic saying what USA wine you’ve got - and if you’ve got more than one option, do share notes with your fellow members here and get advice about which bottle to open (feel free to open more than one if you like…). You could also get some serving suggestions/food matches lined up.
  3. Log in to the Community just before 8pm on Thursday 11th June - there’ll be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste: Born In The USA’ where we’ll host the live event. We’ll all say which bottles we’re opening/share photos of the bottles, and then we’ll taste along together and compare notes, just like we do for a normal #TWSTaste event.

If you’re new to The Community and need help with how to use the forum for the tasting, have a read of our guide ‘How To’ - Take part in our virtual #TWSTaste events’

Who’s joining us?

  • I’ll be there!
  • I don’t have any USA wines but I’ll join in anyway.

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We hope you can join us! If you can’t make it, we’re currently planning the following week’s tasting and we’ll let you all know the theme soon :slight_smile:

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We bought this Californian Zin from TWS a few years ago - Manzanita Canyon 2003, Zinfandel from Napa County. Kept this last bottle to see how it would age. If anyone from TWS can tell us more about the wine we’d be interested as Napa is best known for Cab Sav and Merlot and not really red Zin?



Finally!! A tasting where I have a choice of options. Having travelled to CA a lot over the last 10 years and done a bunch of wine tours in Napa and Sonoma I have gathered quite a few different bottles, many eye-wateringly expensive (I have no resolve when I get in those tasting rooms) What a great excuse…so the bordeaux blend from Merryvale, or the Cakebread Chardonnay, or some Sonoma Pinot from Hook & Ladder, even some decent Zins…
I wonder if Sarah will let me carry her bags on her next west coast trip.


Looking forward to this tasting think the USA is producing some of the best wine in the world on par with old world countries like France and Italy but its often hard convincing people of this including my parents whose look down on US wine however hopefully I will be able to convince them by introducing them to some more US wine. For this tasting I am gone be trying McManis Family Lodi Petite Sirah 2018> Haven’t tried this particular wine from the McManis family before but like a lot of there wines and think they are good value.


You might have to fight the rest of us :sweat_smile:

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I will also open an old bottle (though in my case it’s more a case of forgetting about it than seeing how it will age.

Will be interested to see if it’s got anything left.


Last tasting note on Cellar Tracker for this vintage was in 2013, when there appeared to be no sign that it was on a downward slope, with a score of 96. I would be pretty optimistic that you are going to be in for a real treat.

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Cellartracker notes seem to be a little bit scattershot at the best of times, but I’m looking forward to it. One early note; full untouched bottle weighs in at 1.945kg, which is slightly ridiculous.

Hope to be able to make it, and if so I’ll be drinking this big brash zin:

Not the most complex but certainly goes down easy. Hopefully see you all there. Cheers!


I will be drinking Au Bon Climat, Santa Barbara County, Los Alamos Chardonnay 2016.

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Great, an opportunity to open a lovely bottle of Pinot from Santa Barbara. looking forward to my first TWSTaste Virtual Wine T



Blast! – so far a quieter take up on this tasting when I have a more impressive wine (a couple of mine haven’t even made it onto the on the night list) so less chance of sitting on the bench with this one. Usually can’t get a swirl and a sniff in sideways as it’s so busy, and, have to say, it suits me fine being in the background soaking (and drinking) it all in. Still think I’ll throw caution to the wine and open it as 1. fed up with all this Covid stuff and there’s not much chance of being round a table with a group of friends to enjoy a good wine any time soon 2. seems my tastes are changing and have had some disappointments with bottles I’ve kept a while. My interest in wine is a thinly disguised excuse to drink loads so likely I’ll disappoint the more expert team who give such lovely, dazzling describers, but I’ll join you with it tomorrow - and happy for any tips and pointers. Bought from TWS a while back. Do like a USA wine and think they are underestimated.


We visited Paso Robles this time last year and had an interesting tasting at Tablas Creek so we will be opening this bottles of Esprit de Tablas 2014. Looking out on this wet morning, it is a reminder of sunny California!


I know the feeling. We did a minibus tour of Sonoma last June and ended up buying a number of bottles in the spirit of the moment at prices we wouldn’t normaly consider back home!

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Looking forward to tonight’s tasting…



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I’ve decided it would be fun to do a side-by-side tasting.
I bought the Trecini in Santa Rosa after a fun day tasting. It cost 2.5x more than the Exhibition Pinot and has a couple of extra years, but will be interesting if it’s worth the extra investment.


Menu change this weekend leads to a change in wine and vintage but from the same estate.