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NEW #TWSTaste Virtual Wine Tasting: Australian Opulence, Thursday 21st May, just after 8-9pm

Given the beautiful weather we are enjoying I definitely think we shall go white. We shared a case of Aussie everyday wines with some friends just before lockdown (I think it was in support of the wine makers in view of the catastrophic fires they were enduring at the time). They only drink red so we got the whites: Society’s Hunter Valley Semillon, Society’s Aussie Chardonnay (by Wirra Wirra) and Vasse Felix Dry White which is a Semillon Sauvignon blend. Um, decisions!


Hi Colin! Take a look at the whites I am considering. All at the bargain end of the spectrum and I bet I shall enjoy whatever I choose. I would encourage you to join in with a glass in your hand even if you decide to start by seeIng what others are saying about what they are drinking. And I think you will be pleasantly surprised and before long will be lobbing in your thought on your own wine. You are talking (metaphorically) to the person who brought a bottle of the crappiest Prosecco to the sparkling wine tasting when all around were necking vintage champagne! We had a great time describing our wine🤪


Oddly enough, I have a couple of bottles of that Pirramimma wine, @sm42. I remember it being a knockout on release, in every sense of the word. One I had a few years ago had calmed down a lot, so I’ll be interested to see what you make of yours.

The Pirramimma winery cellar door is well worth a visit, by the way. Still in its old buildings and with a brick and earth floor. The wines are pretty good value for money if you like the style they make them in. Their fortified wines are extraordinarily good vfm.

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In current circumstances the weekly wine tasting is a highlight of the week! To mark the event this week we are going to try Eileen Hardy 1998 Shiraz. Hoping we haven’t left it too long. The label recommends keeping for 7 to 10 years so who knows. Can’t wait to find out.:wine_glass:🤷:crossed_fingers::grin:


I think I’ll try this one tomorrow night…

Ha ha! Only kidding. I was keeping this one safe in the wine cabinet for a charity auction, back in January. I think it went for over £300. Would have been nice to have sampled it.

Back to reality…

I’m going to go for this cheeky Shiraz that I picked up in M&S for £14:
Ebenezer & Sepeltsfield Shiraz 2018 from the Barossa Valley.

I’m thinking of having it with some slow-cooked chilli beef. :yum:
For some reason, I have a Prodigy song stuck in my head… :thinking:


Are you sure it’s not The Shamen?


Having this tomorrow, my last bottle sadly. A real TWS gem.


Good knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Grange…? Now that’s quite some wine.

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Oops. You’re right! It was a while ago! :grimacing:

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Yes. It would have been great to have tried this. I’ve heard a lot about it. Will save up for the next charity auction! :grin:


I thought maybe this was disgustingly hot and Firestarter was burning its way round your brain

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Aaaargh! Now I’ve got two songs stuck in my head! :crazy_face:


You might say taking it to another dimension?


Please do! The theme is there to help give us a purpose, but no one will mind if you bring something non-Aussie! :wink: Maybe a popular aussie grape like shiraz, but from another region?!

Hi Colin, and welcome! :smiley: I hope you can join us - please don’t worry, we’re a friendly bunch. Open whatever you like - as some of the others have said already (thanks, all!) these events are all about sharing a glass with some of your fellow wine lovers over an informal chat, and hopefully finding out about some new wines along the way.

Looking forward to tonight! :smiley: :wine_glass:


Chardonnay tonight with an interesting, if not unusual name and label!!
We’ll be tasting 19 Crimes 2019 - South Eastern Australia.


Hopefully these will make a good pairing, albeit a lazy one on my part…

…it isn’t a full on Shiraz, more a bistro style wine. As the weather’s so warm I’ll give it a 30 minute chill before serving.

See you later !


Looking forward to tasting this, along side you all…


Thanks all for sharing your photos, as usual! Looking forward to tonight - the topic for the event is now live, so please head over and continue the discussion:

I will close this topic to avoid any confusion - see you on the other thread!