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NEW #TWSTaste Virtual Wine Tasting: Australian Opulence, Thursday 21st May, just after 8-9pm

Hello Community!

Thank you very much to everyone who attended our Aromatic Whites virtual tasting event tonight! We’ve tried some fantastic examples of aromatic white grapes and it’s been a brilliant night!

It’s now time to get our next virtual tasting in the diary:

New #TWSTaste Virtual Wine Tasting: Australian Opulence, Thursday 21st May, [just after] 8pm-9pm

Like our previous few tastings, we’re asking you to raid your wine rack to see what you’ve already got at home, and join together to taste along live next Thursday.

Between us, we’ll be trying all things (wine) Australian!

It doesn’t matter if it’s a semillon from Hunter Valley, a cabernet from Margaret River or a shiraz from Barossa - anything that you want to open is welcome, as are you!

If you haven’t got any Australian wines and want to open something else and taste along, that’s fine too. Bring along a bottle and join in anyway - you might find some inspiration for different wines to put on your ‘must try’ list!

Australian Wine Guide

If you’re new to Australian wines and would like to find out more about the many Australian wine regions before the tasting, have a read of our Ultimate Guide to Australian Wine:

We are also so pleased to announce that our Australia Buyer @Freddy Bulmer will be joining us for this event!


"Australia is one of the most fascinating and yet under-appreciated wine producing countries in the world. All wine regions/countries which have been successful do so because they are able to sum-up what they do in a couple of sentences. A decade or two ago, Australia went too far and tried to do that by summing everything up as simply as “loads of everything apart from the price. Oh and with a kangaroo on the bottle.” This extremely bitesize message rocketed Aus to success in the UK at the bottom-end however it was not sustainable. The issue now is that Australian wine is far from simple and is in fact extremely varied and versatile, with one of the best fine wine offerings in the world. However the public are still stuck with an idea of Australia from years gone by which is now so far from the truth it’s hard to believe!

Whether you wanted fresh, focus and finesse or bloody big blockbuster wines, Australia has it all. From Albarino to Zweigelt, stopping off at cabernet, chardonnay, all the pinots, shiraz and sauvignon, Australia really can do it all."

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Have a look to see if you have any Australian wines at home. If you don’t, you can currently make your own mixed cases up from our website for delivery, or your nearest indie wine merchant may be able to deliver if our delivery dates before next Thursday are full.
  2. Reply to this topic saying what Australian wine you’ve got - and if you’ve got more than one option, do share notes with your fellow members here and get advice about which bottle to open (feel free to open more than one if you like…). You could also get some serving suggestions/food matches lined up.
  3. Log in to the Community just before 8pm on Thursday 21st May - there’ll be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste: Australian Opulence’ where we’ll host the live event. We’ll all say which bottles we’re opening/share photos of the bottles, and then we’ll taste along together and compare notes, just like we do for a normal #TWSTaste event.

Don’t worry - we always start the event properly a few minutes after 8pm so we can all join in with #clapforourcarers, if you’d like to participate.

If you’re new to The Community and need help with how to use the forum for the tasting, have a read of our guide ‘How To’ - Take part in our virtual #TWSTaste events’

Who’s joining us?

  • I’ll be there!
  • I haven’t got any Australian wine, but I’ll join in anyway.

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We hope you can join us! If you can’t make it, we’re currently planning the following week’s tasting and we’ll let you all know the theme soon :grinning:


New to this…
Can’t see other replies so i’m wondering whether folks typically open day-to-day stuff for this kind of thing or something more serious? At one end of the spectrum I have some of your Wakefield Promised Land Shiraz (2018) bought recently but I also have a few d’Arenberg “The Dead Arm” from various vintages between 1997 & 2003.


Hello. I will be joining with a bottle of The Cigar , Cabernet Sauvignon 2013 from Yalumba. I will be pairing with cold meats and cheeses.


Welcome, Colin! This Community is a great, friendly place to chat about wine, and it’s good to see you.

To answer your question, there’s a good mix of both, so just open the one you feel like tasting. Some treat it an opportunity to try a special bottle; others open old favourites. There’s no set answer - just drink what you want to drink.

Now you’re here, check out the other topics. And if feel like telling us about yourself, why not head over to the Introductions thread?


Going to try
2019 Vasse Felix Filius Chardonnay
2018 Ian Botham The All-Rounder Cabernet Sauvignon


I have a 2009 Plantagenet Cabernet Sauvignon that I will probably be drinking or a bottle of Wild Pixie from 2010 (?) Need to go under stairs to check the year. Not much Aussie left . The other option might be a Tasmanian Pinot Noir.

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Missed last week as weather was too good. So hopefully it’ll rain from 20.04 onwards. Planning to open the 2013 version of this.

Not tried before.


I don’t have too much Australian in at the moment but the staple (and one of my favourites) d’Arenberg Footbolt shiraz is likely to feature!


My Aussie cupboard is bare - oh, ok some nice Penfolds but don’t think I’ll get those out for solo guzzling, although that said, depends how my week goes… Recently polished off a nice Wirra Wirra and a stonking smoky boutique Cabernet Sauvignon so not totally behind the curve. May well join you anyway, unless of course I’m at the theatre, dinner with friends, cinema, Spain…


I can’t deny I’m tempted to go for this…


I’m opening this. Bring on Thursday.



Hmm. Weather forecast seems to say it might be raining, but still doesn’t seem the time of year for Aussie opulence, so I think I’ll hold onto my blockbusters.

Which leaves me with a choice of what looks to be a vin jaune imitation (Crittenden Estate Savagnin Sous Voile), and the excellent Freycinet Tasmanian pinot noir. Oh, or a 2017 Grosset Alea I bought to see whether I thought I wanted to buy some to age. Undecided, but if anyone has a strong desire for a note on any of them, I could probably be persuaded.


Would LOVE to hear about that Crittenden! Crazy idea to make to start with, plus a good friend of mine got married there and I like the Pinot Noirs I’ve had.


Kangarilla Road (McLaren Vale) also do one of those. I seem to recall the reason was that a number of vines got sent out labelled as Albarino by mistake, and this is where they fetched up. I haven’t tried the Crittenden one, but the Kangarilla Road one is well worth trying if you ever come across it. Definitely unususal.


Interesting, yes it seems that it was intended to be Albarino. I’ll take that as settled and open the Crittenden Cri du Coeur savagnin sous voile 2013 on Thursday. Look forward to it (even if it’s a bit of a workout to type).


I’ve been puzzling over what to put in an “opulence” tasting. But then I realised that I have a (small) number of sweet wines - a category in which Australia can field world leaders, yet which gets regularly overlooked.

So I’ve got one out for Thursday. It’s a 2008 Sevenhill Cellars Vintage Touriga (Clare Valley) - Sevenhill Cellars is a historically important producer, and is probably the whole reason why Clare Valley was founded as a wine growing area, and why riesling is such a strong suit there. Incidentally, their top riesling is probably still as good as any from Clare.


Many thanks for the kind & welcoming words Robert. Much appreciated.
Reading through, I wonder if maybe I’m getting out of my depth here? Perhaps I’ll just observe this time around.

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Fair enough but if you’re observing, you might as well have a glass of something.

If you’re having a glass of something, it might as well be Australian wine.

If you’re having Australian wine, you might as well say whether it’s tasty.

That’s as deep as my thinking goes on these things, anyway!