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NEW #TWSTaste Virtual Wine Tasting: Alpine Whites! Thursday 22nd April, 8-9pm

Hello Community :smiley:

We’re pleased to announce our next virtual taste-along for your diaries:

#TWSTaste: Alpine Whites! Thursday 22nd April, 8-9pm

We’ve chosen two white wines featured in our forthcoming ‘All the colours of France’ campaign and we wanted to take this opportunity to try them together!

The wines we’ll be trying are:

1. Chignin, Vers les Alpes, Jean-Françcois Quénard 2020

2. Roussette du Bugey-Montagnieu, Altesse Domaine Peillot 2019

How do I take part?

If you’d like to join us, here’s what to do:

  1. Order one bottle each of the above wines and make sure they’re delivered by Thursday 22nd April.
  2. Reply to this topic letting us know if you’re attending - feel free to post a picture of your bottles, we love seeing all your photos!
  3. Chill or decant your bottles ready for the event - and if you like, prepare a special meal to serve alongside them.
  4. Log into the Community shortly before 8pm on Thursday 22nd April - you’ll find a topic called LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste: Alpine Whites! where the event will take place. Feel free to begin chatting to your fellow members on the topic before we start!
  5. We’ll guide you through the tasting from there - it’s all done in written format (you can share photos too!) so don’t be shy to share your thoughts on the wines!

If you’re new to The Community and need help with how to use the forum for the tasting, have a read of our guide ‘How To’ - Take part in our virtual #TWSTaste events’

Who’s joining us?

  • I’ll be there!
  • I’m hoping to join.
  • I can’t make it this time.

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We can’t wait to try these new wines - we hope to see as many of you here as possible! :smiley:

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Pedantic, I know… but the Chignin is a Savoie wine… Not that this will put me off - I love both regions! :smiley:


Noted and changed!


Sorry! Got caught out because it shares the JU source code (which is usually Jura, but looks like Savoie also uses this source code for some reason!)

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Well THIS is exciting!!! I’m definitely in !!


Whilst talking pedantic, I have never seen Françcois spelt like this before!

(@laura, perhaps it could be corrected).

Ah, yes, of course!

Regardless, I’m SO pleased there will finally be a tasting to honour these two fab regions… :star_struck:

Oh whoops, sorry about that (and well-spotted!) I’ll ask the web team to update that now. :smiley:

I’m so glad to see this enthusiasm! They’re regions I’ve really not explored enough (hence me not spotting the difference between Savoie and Jura :see_no_evil:), so I’m looking forward to tasting along, and having people who know and love this region at the event will be invaluable to us less-experienced tasters!


What will the mystery wine be? My guess is Chardonnay… I know… still.

May need to get started on some books…

I think there is a separate book on the Jura… I also think I own both.


or Altesse

Hello! It’s the following:

Roussette du Bugey-Montagnieu, Altesse Domaine Peillot 2019

(Just not available online yet - should be soon though!)

So the grape is altesse (also known as rousette), which is a totally new one on me!

I think this one is a Jura but do let me know if not!

I LOVE Wink’s books!


Don’t let them gather dust… :smiley: they’re both terrific books. I love the way Wink conveys her enthusiasm (not to manage vast knowledge!) of both regions.

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Just seen this post as I hit ‘send’ on mine - very well done!! :laughing:

Ah! no, it’s another Savoie wine - and a really good one at that! I’m definitely in :smiley:

Oh thank you, Inbar!! That pesky source code completely threw me - very cool that we’ll be trying two wines from such an under-appreciated region though! (Clearly one I need to brush up on :laughing: - I should definitely buy Wink’s book and have a proper read).

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I quick search on ‘My Wines’ confirms that I have had the 2016 iteration of this wine and I seem to recall enjoying it. A quick trawl through this site suggests I have tasted it at a press tasting (not as press) in 2017 and then bought a bottle to drink soon after.

Jacquere will be new to me it looks, even though I would have sworn I have had it before. … and I did a different cuvee from Qenard from 2017 back in 2018 - don’t remember much of this one.

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FML. :sob: Stupid wine buying ban. I am significantly more upset to be missing this than I am the Barolo EP! :sob:


Any kidneys left? :man_shrugging:

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This sounds really interesting, even or maybe especially for a relative newcomer to the community tastings. I’m definitely in… how will we know when the wine is in stock please?


The Chignin is currently available; as for the Altesse - I’m sure @laura or @Kelly will notify via this thread when it is in stock.

Should be a fun tasting!:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1: