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NEW #TWSTaste Virtual Wine Tasting: A tasting of two new Greek wines, Thursday 21st January, 8-9pm

Hello Community :smiley:

Happy New Year!

We’re very pleased to announce our first virtual taste-along of 2021 for your diaries:

#TWSTaste: ‘A tasting of two new Greek wines’, Thursday 21st Jan, 8-9pm

In support of our new What To Drink In 2021 offer, we’ve picked two new Greek wines from the same producer out of the range and we want to take this opportunity to taste them together!

The two wines we’ll be trying are:

Kompsos Liatiko, Karavitakis 2019

Kompsos White, Karavitakis 2019

‘Since taking over the buying for Greece in April last year, I’ve been amazed by the diversity and quality available from across this fascinating country. Whilst I’ve been lucky enough to taste great examples from better known regions such as Naoussa, Rapsani and Santorini, it’s been the island of Crete that has impressed me the most. Hardly surprising given winemaking on Greece’s largest island dates back over 5000 years!
The island itself is split into north and south, divided by a line of mountains running west to east, with the north being cooler and wetter, and the south hotter and drier thanks to the winds flowing up from north Africa. But despite being Greece’s most southerly island its average temperatures are lower than those of Santorini, for example. It’s thanks to these mountains which make such high-quality viticulture possible, with vineyards planted at altitude in much cooler meso-climates, something not possible on many Greek islands.
But it’s the myriad of indigenous varieties that make Crete so exciting, made more so by the increase in focus on quality and estate production rather than the co-operative model that dominated Crete throughout much of the 20th Century.
Vidiano seems to be the clear winner amongst the whites, giving a style more about texture and weight than overblown aromatics. As a single variety it produces wines with plenty of stone fruit flavours (peach, nectarines, apricots), sweet herbs and tropical notes, with a creamy mouthfeel and balanced acidity. In a blend it acts as a great stage, providing weight and creaminess that other more overt varieties can perform on. I think this shows really well with the move extrovert malvasia (30%) and assyrtiko (30%) in the Kompsos white.
Liatiko is Crete’s finest red grape although its most famous expressions are typically as a sweet fortified wine. However, there’s been a recent trend in the production of dry liatko with wonderful results. Despite its typically light colour, it offers a full bodied, sweetly fruited (cherries, strawberries, raspberries) and spicy (coves, cinnamon, nutmeg) red wines. The Kompsos red is vinified mostly in stainless steel, with 10% of the wine fermented in open top barrels for 12 days to bring some oak character. The grapes come from limestone vineyards in Chania in western Crete at 450m altitude.
These are just two of the new wines we’ll be releasing from Crete over the next couple of weeks – in our February list we’ll be offering a delicious and affordable assyrtiko from Karavitakis, as well as a mandilari and thrapsathiri, two extremely rare but incredibly exciting grapes that I can’t wait for members to try.’ @horsleym

How do I take part?

If you’d like to join us, here’s what to do:

  1. Order one bottle each of the above wines and make sure they’re delivered by Thursday 21st January.
  2. Reply to this topic letting us know if you’re attending - feel free to post a picture of your bottle, we love seeing all your photos!
  3. Chill or decant your bottles ready for the event - and if you like, prepare a special meal to serve alongside them.
  4. Log into the Community shortly before 8pm on Thursday 21st January - you’ll find a topic called LIVE FROM 8PM: #TWSTaste ‘A tasting of two new Greek wines’ where the event will take place. Feel free to begin chatting to your fellow members on the topic before we start!
  5. We’ll guide you through the tasting from there - it’s all done in written format (you can share photos too!) so don’t be shy to share your thoughts on the wines!

If you’re new to The Community and need help with how to use the forum for the tasting, have a read of our guide ‘How To’ - Take part in our virtual #TWSTaste events’

Who’s joining us?

  • I’ll be there!
  • I’m hoping to join.
  • I can’t make it this time.

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We’re really looking forward to trying these new wines to our range, and to seeing as many of you here as possible! :smiley:


Thanks for posting. Er, looks like my resolution to buy less wine this year is going to get off to a shaky start as both sound like they’re up my my street More positively, at least they don’t break my new, intended, budget limit of £15. Couldn’t help but notice this too, hmm, sounds like a must try…

…a new grape to me with an irresistible tasting note. Oh dear !


That’s in my basket together with the Hatzidakis Marvotragano, which I may need to drop for price reasons. Looks up my street too!


Just bumping this to make sure you all have a chance to get the wines delivered before next week’s tasting - can’t wait! :wine_glass:


I’m hoping to attend, assuming my order doesn’t get heavily delayed! However no surprises (for those that know me) for guessing that I’ll only be tasting the red!


Just about made it, mine will be delivered on the Tuesday before the tasting.

I was waiting for the FWL to go live before putting in an order. Although that isn’t the case yet the wines I’m interested in are now listed ( maybe the same applies to others here ).

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Arrrrgh!!! I have been weak and ordered the two wines.

And another 5 to make up the £75 for the free delivery :anguished:



I don’t know how easy it would be and it is probably not cost effective but it’d be quite nice for these tastings if there was a bundle offer for both the wines plus delivery for a bit less than buying both on their own and the conventional delivery charge.

Or, planning three of these sessions in advance and offer us a 6 mix case which comes with free delivery.


I think that is a good idea.


Being eager to learn but also inherently slightly lazy, I would take up either of these options in a heartbeat!


Well, hopefully those ideas might be able to be acted upon. There is also precedent for the Society subsidising tasting sessions to a certain extent, I know back in the good old days of physical tastings that these events were often not strictly profitable (in addition to a discount offered on the wines being tasted) but were justified because of the educational and experience component.

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They have according to this email received today: Concha y Toro: a free tasting + savings on two wines

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Often they are. The last one (other than the Christmas party) was with wines which were part of the Christmas Curiosity Case.

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They have arrived


The label design infringes on one of my irrational prejudices regarding such matters.
In this instance, superfluous toffs :grimacing:

Still looking forward to trying the wines though


Good job it’s only the one. What happens if they infringe all five of them?!?

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Only five ? You’re underestimating the triviality my mind is capable of. It could be far worse, at least it isn’t a rococo portrait of an irrelevant hirsute Victorian ‘gentleman’ dressed in military uniform, on the deck of a man 'o war, probably intent on the subjugation of some far away place. :crazy_face:


I’ll be joining


Hello everyone - looking forward to the tasting!

I have been a long standing fan of the Limniona grape, Zafeirakis does an old vine style as well which is utterly delicious and punching well above its weight in terms of price/ quality ratio.


Welcome to the community @Myrto! It’s lovely to having something positive to look forward to next week, isn’t it? The wines arrive in Monday, along with a few others…

I think the improvements in Greek wine and their championing by TWS (amongst others) has been heartening to see - and taste - over recent years. Always good to try wines made with the more unusual grape varieties, and Greece has so many.

Hope you enjoy the tasting and sharing your vinous experiences.