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NEW #TWSTaste virtual tasting - Rioja 'vertical', Thursday 26th March, 8-9pm

So, I have two options to choose from that will be quite different. There’s already a 2012 in the list above but I now have a bottle of Baron de Ley Gran Reserva, 2012…


Or, the left-field option is Ilurce Angel 2018 (vintage not yet covered by others) which is 100% Garnacha from vines planted in 1965…


I’m leaning towards the Ilurce wine but open to persuasion either way?


I thought for a moment you were proposing cannibalism as a punishment for urchins defying lockdown to be on the street (seems a bit extreme if they’re homeless street urchins especially).

Then I saw it was only going to be hunger-induced cannibalism.

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I love the sound of opening a wine from such old vines! Plus a vintage we haven’t covered adds to the mix. That said, I’m not familiar with this wine - are there recommended drink dates? If the 2012 is drinking better you might have a more enjoyable tasting. :wink:

Well that’s good because:

Dishes with red peppers and/or pimenton or paprika

definitely fits with my planned meal of:


Our usual Thursday evening fare which is fish! Not exactly a match for Rioja so maybe save it for some post meal cheese.

I don’t think anyone said it had to be a red Rioja…


I think it’s designed for early drinking, so will go with that.

Myself and my wife have been vegetarian since the turn of the year (there was a lot of talk of bacon on another thread which was killing me with envy), also our food delivery has been delayed until Friday so I think it will be a veggie lentil and quorn mince chilli for me.


I often make quorn Bolognese for the kids and to be honest I dnt even think they notice. One time however, Mr. Leah opened the slow cooker and took a spoonful to taste…. he recoiled in horror and asked what the hell I was feeding our children… I couldn’t get myself off the floor crying laughing with the look on his face :sweat_smile:


…Oh! Are we expected to eat while we conduct the virtual tasting? I was always under the impression that “eating is cheating”…


Before we were veggie we regularly used to go 50/50 on the quorn and real mince, I wouldn’t be surprised if you tried that if he didn’t even notice. I find the texture is the main thing that is a bit off.

Some of the quorn products are pretty awful. I find the mince and the “chicken” nuggets to be pretty decent.


It doesn’t bother me at all, I quite like it and could happily go veggie. The only thing that stops me is the fact no one else in the household would embrace it and I would be constantly cooking 2-3 different meals for everyone. At the moment I make pasta sauce with cooked down vegetables, blend them and store in the freezer so this goes in the Bolognese and no one is the wiser… except me of course with the knowledge everyone has gotten 8 different veg in what they think is a predominantly meat sauce :laughing:.


We’ve started using Sainsbury’s fake mince in our chilli recently. I genuinely can’t taste the difference at all, but then the beef isn’t exactly a prominent flavour in that. I’m not sure if swap the real thing out of my bolognese!

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I thought we were out of Rioja, but found four bottles of 2012 Campo Viejo Gran Reserva. Think I bought a case from Costco a few years ago.


We have found that Rioja goes well with sausages.

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Another one in !! Great!! This is going to be quite the turn out!!


I make several versions of my bolognaise sauce based on different veggie options: Quorn, TVP and lentils. I think TVP is my favourite, as @Bargainbob says the beef flavour is really not that dominant in a ‘real’ bolognaise sauce and the TVP just soaks up the sauce flavours. lentils can be a bit dry in texture (I use the green/continental/Puy lentils but make a nice change from TVP. Quorn I hardly ever use nowadays; I just feel there are better options that have far less processed stuff added to them. Another one for veggie pasta sauces is Halloumi, sliced, fried/grilled, chopped and added to pretty much any tomato based sauce. And for curries there’s always paneer; Lord I do love paneer based Indian sauces!


I thought TVP was what you gargle when you have a sore throat😉


I was going to suggest this on the night anyway, but as someone has asked about this on Twitter I did just want to say: there’s a social media campaign called #clapforourcarers which is encouraging everyone to clap and cheer outside our windows at 8pm tomorrow night in support of NHS workers. Similar events have already taken place across the world, I think.

If anyone wants to start the event by taking part in this, we’ll gladly delay the start time to make sure you can.


hi - I am new to posting and not even sure this will work but here goes. I will be opening a dusty 2009 Rioja Alta ‘Senorio de Unuela’.