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NEW #TWSTaste virtual tasting - Rioja 'vertical', Thursday 26th March, 8-9pm

Thought a toff might have something older…

You lucky man👍

Wow the new vintage Reserva Especial - look forward to hearing about this and was hoping it might feature!

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Turns out I was a bit overly enthusiastic and we didn’t have a Rioja in the ‘cellar’. Luckily off-licenses considered essential so during my exercise walk I nipped into Nicholas and picked up some crianza, everything else seemed a bit expensive for a Thursday glass.

I think I might have wine envy seeing some of these :frowning:


Hey, my wine is not in the list!


I’m pleased to be joining the session tonight. Living on my own, it will be great to have a chat. I will be opening a Gran Reserva Tempranillo, 2008 from Valdepenas.
Hope it’s still pleasant -I probably should have drunk it awhile ago…See you soon!,


It was recommended by Jancis a few months ago and the dear WS had some in stock, I think there is quite a bit of it about.

Before we start I would like to say a big thanks to all of the society staff and members (including @tom who may now not be joining us) for helping put this together. It will stop me from spending another night just reading twitter on my phone and is genuinely the highlight of my (hectic working/home schooling) week so far.

Thank you!


Just about to head out and grab a bottle from the cellar or local indie…meanwhile, anyone going to stand on their doorstep with a glass of Rioja in hand and clap and cheer for the NHS #clapforourcarers?

Hi Jules - we’re proposing that we all do just that at the start of the tasting :+1:

Saw this, thought what a great idea, then shock set in when I realised that there was hardly any Rioja in the wine store. Did manage to find a Plantados en Ladera, Finca-Montalvillo, 2018

Getting ready - a quick 60 minutes in the decanter and we’ll be fine and dandy!


Bosconia 2004 here. Making an octopus risotto…

Suggested by another wine geek as an ideal accompaniment for Rioja. Fine with me - I’m always ready for an octopus :grinning:

my son Tom would have loved to join this but is a junior doc on his way back to London having volunteered for ITU training at Barts Hospital.I am very proud of him so when the time comes please raise part of your glass in his name


Apologies from the luddites in the group, this is supposed to be an image of my bottle of wine


We’re going to be tasting this:


Decanted and ready to go, Bottle number 690218 of 237,423. I wonder how many are left?

Starting with the Riedel Vinum Rioja glass. It’s the one in the range I’ve been least convinced by. Might use tonight as an excuse to also see if glasses really do make a difference… Bordeaux and Chianti glasses on hand.



Oooo, that looks cool, where did you get that?

We’ve got a Cepa Lebrel 2015. Looking forward to 8 pm

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Hi everyone!

This topic is quite crowded so let’s start fresh so we can all follow the live tasting event :smiley: :

I’m going to lock this topic so we don’t get confused - please join us over on the live topic! :smiley: