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NEW #TWSTaste virtual tasting - Rioja 'vertical', Thursday 26th March, 8-9pm

Hi everyone,

Thank you for your brilliant input into our recent poll for virtual tasting themes! In case you hadn’t seen it yet, we’re planning on veering away from our usual format where we tell you two specific wines to order (while deliveries are suspended), and having more laid-back events where we all open whatever we have to hand on a given theme.

One of the most popular choices was Rioja, so we’re encouraging everyone to have a rummage in the wine rack and see if you’ve got any suitable bottles to join us in a virtual taste-along this Thursday.

#TWSTaste: Rioja ‘vertical’, Thursday 26th March 8-9pm

@Lincoln came up with a great idea - why don’t we all see what Rioja we have at home, and between us see how many vintages we can all taste at once? A sort of makeshift vertical tasting!

Some of you have already raided the wine racks, and it looks like between you, there’s vintages dating back to the 1970s!

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any more mature Rioja - all vintages are welcome - and it also doesn’t matter if it’s crianza, reserva, gran reserva… anything is fine!

Here’s how to take part:

  1. Have a look to see if you have any Rioja at home. If you don’t, then while it’s currently not possible to order from us, your nearest indie wine merchant may be able to deliver.
  2. Reply to this topic saying what Rioja you’ve got - and if you’ve got more than one option, feel free to share notes with your fellow members here and get advice about which bottle to open (feel free to open more than one if you like…). You could also ask about decanting or get some serving suggestions/food matches lined up.
  3. Log in to the Community just before 8pm this Thursday 26th March - there’ll be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste: Rioja Vintages’ where we’ll host the live event. We’ll all say which bottles we’re opening/share photos of the bottles, and then we’ll taste along together and compare notes, just like we do for a normal #TWSTaste event.

Who’s joining us?

  • I’m ready to Rioja-and-roll!
  • I haven’t got any Rioja, but I’ll join for the chat
  • This one’s not for me

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I’ll start: we’ve got a bottle of 2001 Exhibition Rioja Reserva (made by La Rioja Alta, I believe!) which we’ve been looking for an excuse to open… :wink:


I’m happy to join in with this young whippersnapper:


Also, a suggestion - perhaps better said on the day - that we paste the name of the wine we’re drinking in the first line each time we reply to the live topic, otherwise it’ll be hard to keep track of who’s talking about what…!


I’m sure I can make this! Also, maybe I can make my comment a wiki and we can fill in the blanks? :thinking:

Vintage Wine User
1970 Monte Real Gran Reserva @gannetkeith
1994 Murrieta Reserva @lincoln
Murrieta Gran Reserva @MarkC
1996 Marques de Riscal Reserva @Rownhams
1997 La Rioja Alta Gran Reserva 904 @simonswine
1998 Artadi Grandes Anadas @Kent_wino
Dinastia Vivanco Reserva @robert_mcintosh
Valsacro (white !) @CitizenD
2001 TWS Exhibition Rioja Gran Reserva @laura
Altos de Lanzaga @ChurchHill
2004 Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva @MikeFranklin
Ontañón Reserva (Tempranillo/Graciano) @Ghost-of-Mr-Tallis
2005 Muga Seleccion especial @hugofount
2006 Urbina Reserva Especial @JayKay
Vina Arana @Raisin_d_etre
2007 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva @tfpywfpy
2008 Rioja Alta Arana Reserva @NW_passenger
2009 Rioja Alta Arana Reserva @tom
Rioja Alta Senorio de Unuela @RonaldVinho
2010 La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva @cormski
Bodegas y Viñedos del Contino Rioja Reserva 930 for the Wine Society @danchaq
Vina ardanza @SCWilko @Ewan
Navaja Gran Reserva @Alasdair
Bodegas Hermosilla Crianza @Camilla
CVNE Imperial Reserva @martinlf
CVNE Gran Reserva @GWills
Imperio Gran Reserva @peterbvos
Baron de Barbon Gran Reserva @Lisa
2011 Dominio (Campo Viejo) @Kent_wino
Muga Selection Especial @JockyMcSporan
Vina Arena, Reserva @Lewis
Vina Real Gran Reserva @js_uk
Contino Reserva @cranager
Espartero Gran Reserva @gazalot
2012 Rioja Alta, Vina Arana, Gran Reserva, 2012 @Mike
CVNE Vina Real Gran Reserva @Joewlmansfield
Campo Viejo Gran Reserva @CroquetChris
Tahon Reserva @VinoVeritas
Muga Seleccion Especial Reserva @VinoVeritas
Marques de Romerol Reserva @PeterB
2013 La Rioja Alta Seleccion 874 Reserva @szaki1974
2014 Beronia Reserva @Brocklehurstj
Ramón Bilbao High Altitude @Leah
Lindes de Remelluri @JockShearer
Contino 934 Reserva @GannetKeith
Beronia Reserva @RichardM
2015 Baron de Ley, Crianza @Scrop
Campo Viejo Rioja @chestercentaur
Bodegas Muga Reserva @Bargainbob
Navajas Crianza @SarahMcB
Glorioso Crianza @JamesRWise
CVNE Reserva @JaneMatthew
Casa del Maques Crianza @Alasdair
2016 The Society’s Rioja Crianza @Herbster
CVNE Crianza @EdMcK
Vindeos Barrihuelo Crianza @Underatenner
LAN Crianza @Del_shel
2017 Muriel @CaroFG
2018 Ilurce Angel Rioja (100% Garnacha) @Alchemist
Muriel Vendimmia Seleccionada @Katrina

I believe you’re right but is it the reserva or gran reserva; I have an '01 Exhibition Gran Reserva.

However I’ve been looking for an excuse to try the La Rioja Alta 904 Gran Reserva. It’s about mid drinking window so I reckon it should be good!


Whoops! Yes, it’s the Gran Reserva, I’ll amend my comment now!


Amazing, Tom! Thanks for doing that. :smiley:

Completely agree! Yes, let’s do that.

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I drank the Exhibition La Rioja Alta Reserva 2011, last night!

It was amazing, and went amazingly with Mother’s Day Sunday Roast!

Now, I’m out of Rioja! :cry:


Oh no! :see_no_evil:

That said, what a gorgeous day it looks like you had - the wine and that food look divine. Much better that you got to share it with family on a special day. :relaxed:

We’re hoping to hold these events weekly or as close to it as we can, so there’ll be another tasting coming up shortly - hope you can join us for the next one! And you can always come along anyway on Thursday and compare notes with the wines we try on the night. :smiley:


I’m going to bottle it on the 1978 Ygay, but I’m game for the Rioja Alta 2010…if I can just get Little Madam to bed on time.


Had a Ardanza 2010 the other night. Cracking. Might open another but I’ll look out for something older if I can find it. Plenty of time to search the cellar this week. Russ


I’ll be opening this


I’ll have a rummage through the rack…

I’m in - will have a look what there is in the Liebherr…

We can do a 2006 Urbina Reserva Especial

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Found one bottle of Baron de Ley, Crianza 2015. Just about in.

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well this wiki fails as apparently “you can only mention 10 users in a post” :roll_eyes:
not sure if that means anyone else can edit and mention more, though?

Nope. Just tried. :slightly_frowning_face:

Well I guess there’s no screaming need for them to be linkable names!


Ooh-err, sorry about that! I’ve just messed around with the settings and hope I’ve fixed it…

EDIT: It works! :smiley: