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NEW #TWSTaste: the 'past it' bottle experiment, Thurs 25th June, 8-9pm

Don’t really have any past it wines in the cellar, think that’s maybe cause I keep a good eye on what’s starting to get past it normally and drink there and then. Have a few bottles left of 2010 Cote de Nuits Pinot Noir which unfortunately has moved twice so could kind of be classed as past it as there is a bit of leakage on the cork but the wine itself is fine and its a bit warm for red so gonna have a class of Vega Del Cega Rossado Rose wine from Valdepenas which kind of of suits the 33c weather


I haven’t been in this game long enough to have any really old wines so I shall probably just pop in with a glass of Guigal CdR and watch for the wailing and the tearing of hair and the gnashing of teeth :rofl: :clinking_glasses:


Gran Reserva Rioja 2009 best can do and think it will be ok. Not yet dragging out 1999 CdP Beaucastel which is oldest I’ve got from memory, but feel the need to at some point soon. Unlike @Tannatastic I’m not enjoying them late so much nowadays.


I like Beaucastel, but not when I’m working in a sauna. Having said that, of course it depends a bit which one, but 2009 gran reserva might be on my Too Young tasting list.

Definitely a spectator sport!


Not sure if I’m able to join but in case I have a 1990 beaucastel Blanc in the fridge. Couple of others in reserve as it most likely s**t.


The garage has just passed 23 degrees, which still makes it the coolest room in the house by far.

A couple more months of this and I’ll have some more ‘past it’ wines for future virtual tastings :grimacing:


The topic for tonight’s tasting is now live!

Looking forward to seeing you all tonight! Please head over to the topic and share any bottle photos!

I’ll close this topic now :slight_smile: