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NEW: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky [12th September 2019, 8-9pm]



I’m really annoyed with myself for leaving it so late! Although I placed the order when we were still in Spain, and today was the only day I could guarantee to be home all day. Ho hum! :roll_eyes:

Fingers crossed for you too, @Leah! Sometimes they arrive earlier than they state… :crossed_fingers:


I’m quite lucky as “Nathan” my tws driver always calls me when he is just about to go through the Tyne tunnel to make sure I’m going to be in and will wait for me if I’m on the school run. He’s a real gem :wink:


I hate it when that happens!


I’ve thankfully got my delivery but it’s not looking like I will home in time for the tasting :weary:


That’s a pity Rifka. But when you do get home you can open the wines and have a taste while scrolling through the comments. :slightly_smiling_face:


Definitely. Hoping to make the guerrilla tasting at least - it’s nice to have a choice of two virtual tastings.


Does anyone have any views on how long in decanter/fridge for these two?


Good prompt, Mike. Selflessly I road-tested the red quite recently and would definitely give it some air if at all possible and it’ll take 2+ hours in a decanter in its stride. If anyone hasn’t got the time to do this, don’t panic though! Save a little for tomorrow and you can jump back on the thread and let us know how it’s changed :slight_smile:

For the white, I’d chill right down then take it out about 20mins prior to tasting commences if possible. Hope of help and looking forward to tasting with you all later on :slight_smile:


Thanks @martin_brown, I might just wander along and decant the red and pop the white in the fridge with an alarm to take it out, as you say, 20 mins before. Actually both will be decanted into my etos; I can’t see myself drinking 2 bottles in one night!

[though currently I feel like I could after a day trying to get some sort of sense out of government officials on import and export post Brexit. Needless to say I got none, zilch, zero, nada, nothing!]


That’s a lot more than one would expect, all things considered! :wink:


This channel is now closing down, so before the National Anthem plays and the test card appears, please change channels to … this one!


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