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NEW: #TWSTaste - Portugal: Classic v Quirky [12th September 2019, 8-9pm]



Hi everyone!

After last night’s fun, I thought it was time to announce our September virtual tasting. This time, the theme is inspired by our Portugal offer, due to go live at the end of August.

Portugal: Classic v Quirky, Thursday 12th September, 8-9pm

It’s still one of the best-value and most under-appreciated of the main European wine countries, so we’re trying two ends of the Portuguese wine scale - a totally classic Portuguese white in the form of Vinho Verde, and a totally wacky Portuguese red made with rare grapes in a bizarre way!

RED: The quirky

WHITE: The classic

How to join in

If you’d like to join us and taste these wines together, simply:

  • Buy a bottle each of these two wines and make sure they’re delivered in time for Thursday 12th September, 2019
  • On the day, make sure the wines are chilled/decanted, invite over friends if you like, and you can even cook something to serve alongside it!
  • Then, just before 8pm on the 12th, join us here on The Community, where there’ll be a topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste’.

Who’s joining us this time?

  • Yes! I’ll be there
  • Not for me
  • I’m hoping to make it

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What is in your basket [Sept-Oct 2019]
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Thanks for this, @laura! Bottles now ordered! :+1:


Ditto, along with our biannual sherry order and a couple off the wish list from that wonderful press tasting I attended earlier in the year😋


Sadly, can’t make this one.


Ordered the wines. I’m in!


I’m on: wines ordered. I just know I’m going to regret this but white as well! :wink: But who knows, maybe not! :clinking_glasses:


Wines on the way!


The red was marked as not available until 2 September when I ordered. My order is still marked as in progress. Probably because I have requested delivery for Friday.


My order seems to have disappeared into the ether somewhere so they’re now dispatching a replacement on Monday. Which, as I live in the highlands where orders take longer to arrive, is going to be a little tight. Probably only going to be delivered on the day. :frowning:


Mine is also delivered on the day… Let the nail biting wait begin…! :hushed:


They arrived yesterday delivered by DHL. We were in and he left them by the front door. I had a message to say they had been left in a safe place - the porch. We don’t have a porch. The driver must have been running late and that he did not even have time to ring the bell.


Received this from TWS this morning:

I have checked with the courier who have confirmed (miraculously) that you order has been located and is in transit on its way to the Inverness depot

So it looks like I may have them in time after all!


Oops haven’t even ordered mine yet ….:open_mouth:


The bottles have been delivered and I’ve got some mutton shoulder slow-cooking overnight for a shepherds pie


OMG, that sounds amazing @Sally. Feel free to share the recipe, i for one would love to try a mutton shepherds pie :+1:


It’s an experiment so I’ll let you know how it goes!


Achhh! Just got a text from DHL to say that my order will be delivered between 6.45 and 7.45pm… :scream:

Might not be able to join you if they’re later than that!.. But hoping for the best, though I can forget about decanting the red and properly chilling the white. :roll_eyes:


Oh dear! Fingers crossed then!

My original order was found and sent on to me so I received it on Tuesday… with one bottle missing and repackaged into another box! Apparently DHL hold a stash of spare TWS boxes and in the event of an accident that isn’t a total catastrophe, ie. just one or two bottles broken, they will repackage and send it on, leaving it to the customer to contact TWS directly to sort out. Which I guess makes more sense as you will at least receive the remaining order as quickly as possible. (Even though in this case they not only broke a bottle but also seemed to lose the order as well!).

Fortunately the broken bottle wasn’t either of the tasting bottles and of course customer services have been their usual helpful selves and immediately refunded that bottle (I did have the option of it being sent up to me separately). Actually has worked out quite well as, for the life of me, I can’t remember why I ordered that particular bottle; it wasn’t a wine I remember from anything and I’d made no notes as to why I was interested, as I would usually do!


Mine are supposedly coming between 2pm and 4pm …. right in the middle of the school run :open_mouth:, I may be late joining in too… have to attend an early birthday dinner :confounded::hammer: