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NEW #TWSTASTE: Join us LIVE from the AGM on 10th June!



Hi everyone,

I hope you’re all looking forward to tonight’s #twstaste, and while we’re on the subject we’re very excited to tell you about our next virtual tasting event!

TWSTaste LIVE from the AGM, Monday 10th June, 6.45-7.45pm

What better time to get together and taste than the night we have our AGM, where there’ll be lots of members attending keen to take part, and where we can shout loud and proud about how great this Community is! :smiley:

So @Ewan and I will be setting up a table at the AGM and - as the theme this year is the co-operative - we’ll be tasting two wines made by wine co-ops!

They will be:



Ewan and I (and hopefully some Community members - more on that later!) will be at the event, laptops at the ready, with the wines ready to taste - and we’ll be chatting to all the members present at the AGM about The Community and encouraging them to join in! :wine_glass:

Fancy joining in?

Here’s what you need to do:

If you’re at the AGM:

  • Come and find our table, and we’ll have the wine ready for you!

If you want to take part from home:

  • Order a bottle each of the two above wines and make sure they’re delivered before Monday 10th June 2019.
  • Get your wines chilled/decanted ready for our 6.30-6.45pm kick-off - why not invite some friends over, or rustle up a tasty feast to match the wines? :smiley:
  • Join us here on The Community from 6.30pm - there’ll be a topic called ‘LIVE! #TWSTaste’ which is where we’ll all meet to taste the wines together and discuss our thoughts.

Hope you can join us! Who’s in?

  • I’ll be there virtually!
  • I’ll be there at the AGM!
  • Not for me this time
  • I’m hoping I can make it!

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(Disco)Verdelho - Guerilla tasting series - 2nd online get together [27 June 2019]
Fancy joining The Community table at the AGM?
#TWSTaste: Your #faveSocietywines! [23rd May 2019 8-9pm]

Looks like the kids are putting themselves to bed that night :rofl:



Turns out the riesling isn’t online yet because it’s not reaching us from Germany until 7th June. D’oh! :see_no_evil:

So that won’t be here in time for you all to pre-order it for the tasting. We have another wine in mind which we’re hoping to announce later today - just double-checking details first. :smiley:


Right, I’m pleased to say we’re now all sorted on the wine front! We’ll be tasting a groovy gruner. Link has been added to the post above! :smiley:


Hiya everyone!

Some great signups so far - and I just wanted to give this a quick bump before I head off on hols for a week as it’s taking place the day I get back!

Also, in case you haven’t seen, @szaki1974 is hosting our second ‘guerilla tasting’ organised entirely by you guys, the members, and you can sign up to that one here:


Morning, everyone!

So today’s the day! :smiley: Just wanted to give this a bump to remind you all to have your bottles at the ready if you’re joining us virtually, and to encourage everyone who’s going to be at the AGM tonight not to be shy! Do come over and say hello at the Community table (I’ll be there in a navy blue dress with flamingos on it, as will @Ewan - although I don’t think he’s wearing a flamingo dress…) and we’ll have the two wines ready for you to taste.

Bring your smart phones and make sure you’re logged into the Community via your browser of choice, and then you can take part virtually as well as in person! :smiley:

Due to the LIVE nature, it’ll be slightly more changeable than normal timings-wise. We’ll be starting the tasting shortly after the AGM itself actually finishes (which is usually around 6.15-30pm) so we’re hoping to get going by 6.45pm at the latest! And we’ll be around until it finishes (probably 7.30-8ish).

Can’t wait for our first live AGM event - fingers crossed it all goes smoothly! :smiley:


You just never know @laura :sweat_smile:

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I thought I’d destroyed that footage …