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NEW #TWSTaste: How does Beaujolais age? on 25th April 2019



Hello hello hello!

Well we’re so excited about tonight’s #twstaste virtual tasting that we thought we’d announce our plans for the next one already.

For March we went with a broad appeal, anyday selection of two white wines, so for April we’re going down a slightly more wine-geeky route - but no matter what your wine knowledge levels are it’s going to be a fun, welcoming and educational tasting:

#TWSTaste: How does Beaujolais age? Thursday 25th April, 8-9pm

This tasting was planned thanks to a suggestion by @VinoVeritas in our Feb tasting to try a younger and older Beaujolais side by side. We’re going to taste two vintage of the same Beaujolais - same cru, same producer, same everything! - and see how they differ. They’re only three vintages apart but I’m told you may be surprised by how different they are.

The wines:


How to join

If you’d like to take part, just do the following:

  1. Order both the wines and make sure they’re delivered before Thursday 25th April
  2. Make sure you’ve got your wines chilled/decanted and glasses at the ready by 8pm on the 25th!
  3. Log into the Community a little before 8pm - you’ll find a brand new topic called ‘LIVE #TWSTaste: How does Beaujolais age? [25th April]’ and that’s where we’ll gather to taste the wines together!

Who’s up for this one?

  • Yes way, Beaujolais!
  • Maybe-aujolais
  • No-jolais

0 voters

See you there!

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Oh I am so here for this!

Cru Beaujolais with a bit of age can be brilliant — aged Morgon & fuller Fleurie must have been some of my favourite vinous discoveries of late.

Go Gamay go!


Yes, I’m more than up for this. Not that I need an excuse but having bottles of the 15 and 16 in the cupboard I would have felt compelled to try the 2014 and 2017 anyway.


Fleurie Ultime 2003 Yvon Metras from magnum was perfection last week and a bottle of Morgon VV 2005 Daniel Bouland was just emerging from its long slumber. They age!


Just in time for the April Beaujolais offer…:smile:. I’m in!


We will be in Jersey celebrating a significant birthday for Mr JayKay so will miss this one.


We’ll just be back from Alsace, so will be gagging for reds, I imagine! :wink:

April offers have landed

Sadly a change of plans means we won’t be able to join - but we have the wines so we’ll get together and read the threads after instead.


The Fleurie Cuvée Tardive 2017 is out of stock. Is it likely to be available again soon @laura in time for next weeks tasting?


Hello! Ah, well spotted - and I’m afraid it has sold out now. It was very popular which was why I tried to give as much notice as possible for this one - really sorry about that!


No worries. I have the first bottle, the 2014 and will join in the tasting and replace the 2017 with Beauregard Fleurie ‘la Poncie’ which is fairly robust! :smile:


Quick question: I’m guessing not, but is it worth opening the Beaujolais an hour or two beforehand and/or decanting?


I’ve just found this 2005 in the cellar. I don’t remember when or from where but as I’m not much of a Beaujolais drinker I’ve put off opening it.

I’m out tonight but will broach it at the weekend and let you all know about proper aging.

2005 Fleurie, Clos de la Roilette
LIVE! #TWSTaste: How does Beaujolais age? 8pm, 25th April 2019

My personal view - simply opening and allowing to ‘breathe’ won’t do much, and by decanting too soon you may lose some of that Beaujolais freshness. If you felt the need to decant, I reckon the aeration of doing it just before we taste would probably work, but then again tasting it several times during the 20/25 mins tasting time would offer some great chances to observe the evolution of the wine without the need to decant.


Thanks, that’s kind of what I thought.


A light chill would be beneficial, though …


17-18 or colder?


I usually serve Beaujolais at 13-14 degrees or so, so lightly cool. But @ewan might have wiser words on this subject! :slight_smile:


Okay so maybe 30 mins in the fridge before the tasting. They’ll be about 17 where they are stored.


In preparation for tonight (when I shall regrettably be absent :sob:) we’re now moving the conversation over to the ‘tasting room’ for this evening. YOu can get there by clicking below.